EP Preview

Mumbai Science – 1975 EP


Mumbai Science presents their latest work, the ‘1975 EP’. Two no-nonsense club-tracks, inspired by dirty warehouse techno but cheerfully colored with weird glitchy synths and catchy vocal snippets. The title track ‘1975’ features a deep male voice carelessly asking the crowd “So, What do you wanna do”. The answer is self-evident: “Party all night long and forget about our boyfriends!”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But not when we’re talking about supermodels. The second track, ‘Models’, follows the same recipe as ‘1975’: overdriven warehouse techno extravagance with the lyrics paying tribute to Mumbai Science’s favorite… models. Some will say it’s a blatant rip-off of Teachers from Daft Punk, others will call it a homage. But does Mumbai science even care? Kiesekoms explains: “I don’t know man, we just made this track on one of those drunk afternoons. Is it getting released? Really? Well, I just hope we won’t get beat up by the French mafia again.”

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