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Korg KP3 Product Review


The Korg KP+3 was such a fun product to review, it boasts amazing features that will have you playing on it for hours myself included but before i get into to much about the product have a watch of these videos to see it in action.

this is a great one demonstrating the ability to use the KP3 with vocals and emma Louise demonstrates this perfectly using it to loop her voice and even reverse it

Now this is awesome, here is guy who is using two of the KP3 to dj with, instead of using it as an effects unit he is demonstrating the ability to use them as decks.

One of the features that i really like about this hardware is the ability to create drum grooves, as well as that making sounds come out of the X/Ypad like synthesizers and vocoders and making the sync to the tempo.

The KP3 offers you with a whole lot of effects 128 to be exact anything from flangers, reverbs, delays, synths, vocoders there is just so much you can do with this thing.

This product is perfect for a DJ, Vocalist or producer because it allows them to create so much more to their performance or recording and there is just so much uses you can get out of this so all and all this is a solid product and i am giving it a 9 out of 10.


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