Myd – Freak Andy EP


As a graduate in sound engineering at prestigious Parisian FEMIS film school, Quentin Lepoutre, aka Myd, offered his strong technical expertise to make his Club Cheval crew – him plus Canblaster, Panteros666 and Sam Tiba – become serious outsiders on the dance music map. A strawberry-blond version of Quincy Jones for the Facebook/Tumblr/post-empire generation, Myd’s a very versatile music-maker, both able to deliver purely functional, club-oriented tracky material, and poppier, regressive house fantaisies. His audio skills give his work a unique 3D coating, a singular, artificial patina. The sound of Myd is something wide and hyperactive, though displaying the compacted, throbbing textures that define the trademark Club Cheval sound.

Myd’s long-term ambition would be to build new standards for mainstream dance music. Traffic between underground scenes and mass-produced hits having never been so saturated, listeners need artists to act as musical scouts, to filter, sort out, and recompose this data overload, and instinctively conjuring its secret pathways and logic. And that’s pretty much what Myd’s here for. He aspires to become a proper pop producer, a true « music director », and can’t really be bothered with some niche-star status. Working with other artists always had him refine his own personal sound, and helped him use his production tools better and better. Myd’s sound lays on a rich, contrasted aural palette : it’s high-tech sounding, well-balanced, complex yet articulate. It blends Euro techno gusts with tropical siroccos, and an unmissable song-craft with a taste for baroque-ish sophistication.

Here is his second EP on Marble : Freak Andy. Three tracks of high-definition club music, including a collaboration with his friend Boston Bun who just released an EP on Ed Banger Records.

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