EP Preview / Mixtapes



Phra – “Hey, it’s me, your future best friend. The one who is always gonna remind u to brush your teeth when you’re drunk after a long night in the club…but that’s another story.

This is the first 2 Crookers tracks on Ciao Recs (for everybody suggesting I should loose the S from the name I can now announce that I’m around with a crew, a MC and a 45 piece orchestra. So leave me alone and God bless the S!)

These tracks you’re about to hear sound a lil bit old AND a lil bit of new, a lil bit cool AND a  lil bit of not cool. But as my Grandmama always use to say to me, “in the middle is just right”.

So try to enjoy it as much the people who sweat their asses off out on the floor … it’s music to dance to assholes”

Also, check out this mixtape they did about 2 weeks before, I forgot to do a post about it.

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