EP Preview

Urchins & Sound of Stereo – Awkward Peanuts


A raunchy little strumpet of a release from Sound of Stereo & Urchins

Next up we got you ‘Awkward Peanuts,’ a raunchy little strumpet of a release featuring super-hot Belgian electro slickers Sound of Stereo and the not-as-glamourous but by no means less brilliant Leeds act Urchins. From this clash of cultures emerges a consummate marriage; and a child so beautiful the we encourage Eric Pickles and Penelope Cruz to procreate. Urgh, now there’s an image.

That child is ‘Awkward Peanuts,’ a hurculean electro stomper that’s certain to pound your crowd down the chain of human evolution in an ape-ward direction. Flailing limbs are abound once more on Sound of Stereo’s solo offering Push Me.

Whilst Sound of Stereo are already one of the leading lights of the European electro scene, Urchins completely hold their own on this release with the hard-as-nails ‘Antithesis,’ a title which presumably refers to the relationship between this track and a peaceful country stroll on a Summer’s day.

Here, here, I say. Fine work all round.

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