EP Preview

Moston & Malente – Booty EP


Sometimes a support list does all my typing for me. AMAZING EP!

JUSTIN MARTIN “Great EP! (5/5)”
DIPLO “Cool stuff”
ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS “Like the B-Ju Remix!”
FAKE BLOOD “I like this B-Ju mix. Nice.”
CATZ’N DOGZ “Yeah I’m gonna play this one :)”
DROP THE LIME “Booty so strong. nice!”
ZOMBIE DISCO SQUAD “nice nice nice”
TEENAGE MUTANTS “B-Ju Remix is great! playing it for sure!”
SINDEN “B-Ju Remix and higher for me”
DOORLY “Wicked!”
SCHLACHTHOFBRONX “We’re on board for booty. of course.”
WORTHY “Yess, another solid EP here, Booty and Higher are my favs”
ROSKA “Too much!!! Big support from here!”
A.N.D.Y. “Booty is the one, old school house killer! Excited about to play it !”
PEO DE PITTE “Great tune!!!!! I like the Kevin Over remix also!”
FOAMO “Higher is wicked, will definitely play this”
THE SNEEKERS “Kevin Over Remix is so groovy!”
MAELSTROM “STARSHIP is MAD ! definitely going to play this monster around”
BS1 “Booty is sexy and rolls very good, like it! Love Starship, it is sick!!”

Mumbai Science, Treasure Fingers, Hostage, Don Rimini, Modek, Mason, RESET!, Shinichi Osawa, Funkin Matt, Lee Mortimer, Arveene & Misk, Moonbootica, Tony Senghore, Yolanda Be Cool, Slap In The Bass, Loops Of Fury, Bird Peterson, Mendoza, Hoshina Anniversary, GoldFFinch, Ben Mono, Swick, Scottie B, Shir Khan, Kobra Krames, Lorcan Mak, Stretch Amstrong, Tom Piper, Say Dubai, Rob Threezy, Hickup, Cram, Lazy Flow, Ajax, Breakfastklub DJs, DJ Paulette, Danny T, Rytter & Index, Nhan Solo, Zombies For Money, Mat The Alien, Jeff Doubleu, Nick Catchdubs, Flore, Bootycall Crew, 3 Is A Crowd, The Disco Boys, Thee Mike B, Dennis Meyer, Sammy Bananas, Two Fresh, MarceauxMarceaux, BREAKS lda, Mama Miche (Bitchin’), K. Ramba

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