EP Preview

Dirtybird Players Sampler [Preview]


“dirtybird Players” is a showcase of all the key artists and upcoming talent on the label. This sampler is an up front taste of the full length compilation and world tour coming this Spring. “Don’t Like To Do That” was an unmarked demo that came through to me and every time I dropped it at least two DJs came over to ask me what it was. It took me 3 weeks to figure out who actually made the track and finally we hunted down the awesome duo called Cause & Affect from Birmingham and snagged this unusually funky groove. Worthy’s “Dip” I’ve been playing for 6 months to great success. This is one of those bass heavy dirtybird jams you can bet will get the asses moving every time. Worthy has been appearing on db for almost 8 years now and has developed his sound quite dramatically via his own label Anabatic. Lastly, the young up and comer Justin Jay makes his 2nd official appearance with “Altitude” a track championed by Justin Martin this year. This is a deep moody affair and a great prelude into Justin Jay’s full Static EP due out this April. And take note, hes only 19 years old! (A very wise 19 I have to say).

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