Bot – 24 Minutes (New Productions Teaser Mix)


We thought the concussive news about the breakup of the Crookers will be a big big lost for the music bizz. While Phra still make music under the name of Crookers, Andrea Fratangelo aka Bot is about to release some new and fine beats. A more techno influenced style which is really awesome. Here’s a little statement with some further informations.

Hello Everyone! After leaving Crookers, I spent the last three months locked in the studio cave doing new music and having fun doing it, like the nerdy kid I am. I have also been collaborating with young and exciting producers such as Astronomar and Heartbreak, as well as with fellow aspiring top chef participant Tai.
This is just a taste of the many new tracks I’ve been working on. You’ll soon be able to get Vamos / Go Down on Mad Decent/Jeffrees some time in March, and I’ll also be hitting the road again, the first gigs already looking good, Fabric in London on the 8th of February and Rauw/Tivoli for legendary Joost Van Bellen the day after. More news and releases will follow soon but this is it for now, I hope you enjoy the mix and follow me …

Can’t wait for the first release.

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