Blende Edits Volume 3


Hands down these are some very sweet Edits, taken from his soundcloud check below to read his descriptions of these tracks

1. Earth, Wind & Fire – “Let’s Groove”
The original of this track shouldn’t really be tampered with as it’s a perfect song as is. However – the intro is what really makes it great, but it is just way too short. So, I could have easily just looped the first 4 seconds for 4 minutes (which in a way is exactly what I have done) and it would still make a great edit (although only for about a minute, at most) but even though that might work well in a club at 3 a.m. it wasn’t such a good idea for this

2. ZZ Top – “Legs”
This could potentially be the new dance-along edit version for the drunk and disorderly; a hymn for the old rockers using the ferry every week to go to Finland from Sweden (and vice versa) and a call for a dance in between chanting the ferry’s national anthem (Härja, härja – Finlandsfärja). The cruise is mainly known for people rocking out to Eurovision song contest music and getting six-packs of beer they bought for half the price they normally would in their respective home country.
But that’s not my intention with this, though. I reckon it’s Zed Zed Top’s most classy effort of a song in fact, no doubt made at the time when italo pop popstars were the rulers of the planet.

3. Hashim featuring Jai Sims – I Don’t Need Your Love
It might not be new to everyone and has been making the rounds already through mixtapes et al. But I had an email from a guy who asked for it recently so here you go, guy

4. Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
Even though the sleeve might say Anne Clark, this track is all about the work of David Harrow, who was active mainly in the 80s making new wave-y music. I had to edit out the vocal bits though. The core of the track is excellent synthesizer music, but for me it’s made less appealing through Anne’s voice. Is it rapping? Is it singing? Is it spoken word speaking? Who knows. It’s gone now, anyway

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