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Pioneer DDJ-SX Review



If you are thinking about buying a DJ controller for gigs and not quite sure what is the best out there, have a watch of this video to see what this unit is capable of.

Thanks to the guys at pioneer they have sent us this unit to test and play on, so we will be giving you our review on this controller the good the amazing and the not so good.

The Look

What really impressed us with pioneer ddj-sx is the size of controller, now its not as big as two cdj2000’s and an djm800 but its a lot bigger then most controllers. This is something we really like making it feel like were not using a toy. Also the platters are a great size and they light up just like what you would see if you were using a normal pioneer cdj.

The Hardware

The pioneer ddi-sx features dual deck control for some amazing live edits, it comes with eight cue points on each deck, it has an amazing slicer to chop up tracks and create new arrangements, it has the ability to do auto loops, manual loops and has a loop roll, also has a sound effects engine (powered by iZotope), a syncable six slot sample bank and Lastley comes with native control of the new Serato DJ software.




This is very solid unit and we would recommend this unit to anyone who was looking to get into doing events because of its portability and durability. This is a very impressive alternative then going out and buying CDjs. It has some incredible features that can really make you get creative with your mixing abilities, so thats why we were giving this an 8/10.

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