EP Preview

Proxy – Raw EP

Turbo Recordings presents “Raw,” the latest single from the Russian Rave-Czar’s debut album, MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES, PT. 1.

During his years of self-imposed exile, Proxy built up an massive armory of untouchable bombs. In his absence, the world failed to show the proper respectful silence, foolishly seeking to fill the void with soulless imitators. Now, he has returned to crush all pretenders and dance solemnly in the piles of ash left behind.

Following the double-barrelled onslaught of “Shut Up!” and “Junk,” “Raw” is a concussive blast of pitiless electro destruction. Featuring a chorus of air-raid sirens and a distorted vocal sample heralding the impending breakdown of all civilization, the track is among the biggest Proxy has ever made, which is to say it’s among the biggest anyone has ever made. All that’s left is to take shelter make your peace with Perun, the Pagan God of Russian Thunder.

Exclusive to this single release is “Cooper,” until now a secret weapon Proxy’s incredible live arsenal. The cut-up hip-hop sample begins to ask what “the crowd can”, before being cut off by a deluge of metallic snares and molten bass, which respond that the crowd’s only choice is to do exactly what it’s told.

To ensure total digital domination, we’re also releasing a series of exclusive remixes, enlisting 20-year-old German techno prodigy Etnik, South African electro-trasher Haezer, and Canadian floor-wreckers St. Mandrew and JFK.

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