EP Preview

Symphony Hall (Riton & Canblaster) – One Night Stand

Symphony Hall is a one time collaboration between U.K. hero Riton and Club Cheval member Canblaster.

One Night Stand, featuring Jay Norton : quality sexual activity is a common topic in pop music, and erotic prowess as much as short-term intercourse are often used as material for lyrics or functionality suggestions. We, at Marble, decided to release a track willingly unfocused on hot sex, and only dedicated to sweet love and epic tenderness. You know, the kind of dizzy vibe you get when you have a major crush on someone – so major it makes you feel like a 15 year old ending up in a bedroom with said crush : soft-dicked, but dazed and happy. That’s exactly what this track is about : definitely not for a one night stand, and clearly the beginning of of long, smooth love story you really need, just right now. This is classic, delicous tumblR&B, laced with clear, fragile synth chords, digital slowjam beats and Jay Norton’s unmissable British accent.

Metal Arrives is a blunt and bipolar track paying homage to UK rave, built on the tightest, most severe electrofunk beat ever and a megalomaniac bassline. Ardkore piano vamps do their job on the bright side of the track. As a bonus, FX galore : absurd screeches, rubbery stuff, fake motor sound and grime snippets. Made to rock parties instantaneously.

Also, Check out this mix!! Amazing tunes!

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