Future Entertainment is very pleased to announce that FMF 2013 tickets will be on-sale from noon in your local market today. After an overwhelming response to both our pre-sale and the announcement of our almighty 2013 line-up (that quite literally left our website cactus) FMF tickets will be officially on the market from midday!
This year, we’ll be offering plenty of ticketing options so, for all of our amigos planning to attend the Future Music Festival, listen up! This is for you…
1)    If you don’t have money right now? No problemo! Our BOOK NOW, PAY LATER option is available again through our friends at Ticketmaster.

See  to get your tickets on lay by – practically one peso a day hombre!
2)    Last, but not least! $AVE WITH FUTURE TWINS! We’re offering you the cheapest bundle package by a Mexican mile! Get a FUTURE TWINS pack featuring a Future Music Festival ticket AND a Summadayze ticket for just $220! That’s  $39 cheaper than 1st release.

3)    Too much CA$H?? Attend Future Music Festival in style! Our VIP TICKETS (all states) and FIRST CLASS LOUNGE (Sydney and Melbourne only) tickets are back! With all the deluxe extras that make these the best tickets in town. VIP and FIRST CLASS tickets are STRICTLY LIMITED so get in quick!

4)    If you have NO money, but plenty of friends… We give you Future Fans! Can’t afford a ticket? Sign up to FUTURE FANS and start promoting now! You’ll earn your free ticket in no time!

See for all the info.

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