Malente & Zero Cash – Without You EP

CROOKERS “Super release!”
ROBOSONIC “Jail Babe is dope! now incarcerated to the playlist for darker hours…”
MAELSTROM “LOVIN JAIL BABE and the 5kin & bone5 mix”
MACEO PLEX “Will try it. Thanks.”
BOY 8-BIT “Really like ‘Turning Beds’ and the Ego Troopers remix, which is really strange and interesting …”
MIXHELL “Love the whole pack!”
UNTOLD “Some bullets in here!”
DJEDJOTRONIC “I like the track. Please send me the full version so i can play it:)”
XINOBI “goooood! my fav is without you as the pianos fit well on some of my own tracks, and I can play them alongside.”
FEADZ “I like the ‘Jail Babe’, another good one from No Brainer !”
PUNKS JUMP UP the EP is TIGHT! Love the 90’s hard chicago style of Without You (snare drum on every kick YEAH). Will play that one tmw! Also really digging Vin Sol & 5kin & Bones remix of Without You. A bit of French Kiss vibe on that one.”
DOORLY “Lovely little bassline on ‘Without You’! I’m on this!”
NOOB “Without You ! Fat.”
PEO DE PITTE “All about the Orginals here… Great Stuff!!”
MIKIX THE CAT “Ego Troopers remix is the shit! Without you is dope too, nice ghetto groove !”
NAPT “Great groovers – love em guys!!!”
MODEK “Class release! Love it :)”

Roska, Beataucue, Ramadanman, Moonbootica, Tony Senghore, Wax Motif, Supabeatz, Shir Khan, Bird Peterson, Lee Mortimer, Lars Moston, Slap in The Bass, Mike Magoo, Branko (Buraka Som Sistema), Daniel Dexter, Swick, Hoshina Anniversary, Jeff Doubleu, Costello, Urchins, Tomb Crew, Astronomar, Kevin Over, Willy Joy, Maral Salmassi, Zombies For Money, Scottie B, Hickup, Roby Howler, DJ Chernobyl, Arveene & Misk, Big Dope P (Moveltraxx), Sammy Bananas, Nhan Solo, The Aston Shuffle, Makossa, Saint Pauli, Polymath, Kill Light, Hybu, Ben Mono, LKiD, So Shifty, Nom De Strip, Mendoza, Cram, Danny T, Elektropusher, Cousin Cole, PL€A$UR€, Say Dubai, Ajax, Pete Carvell (Bad Life), Lorcan Mak, Wax Romeo, aUtOdiDakT, BREAKS lda, Flore, Mat The Alien, DJ Elektor, The Bulgarian, Dennis Meyer, Mama Miche (Bitchin’), SchmitzKatze, Clash The Disko Kids, K.Ramba, Dactylo (Furie, Social Club Paris)

Laura Leishman (Le Mouv, Radio France), Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1LIVE), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Harper (Boogie Mafia, Polskie Radio 4), Kate Magoc (Resident Advisor / Pittsburgh City Paper), Edward Duvall(SickChirpse.com), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung / Slavakia), Jérémie Anticlimax (Tsugi Mag, France), Bleed (De-Bug Mag), Rambaud Ludovic (ONLY FOR DJ’s Mag, France), DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus Brussels), Robert Borzym (Polsike Radio Euro), DJ MA1 (Rinse.FM), Ekki Eletrico & Tommy Yamaha (Wildstyle, On3 Radio), Danny Chien (FBI, Sydeny 94.5fm), Andre Langenfeld (Fritz fm, berlin)

‘With or without you’

It took Malente & Zero Cash a whole year to get their second single exactly right. And believe me, there has never been a thing more right in this world than this EP.

The Chicago flavored title track is everything from a protest to a love song. First, we have the self-confident claim: ‘We do it Without You’. But when the warm piano chords come in girls and boys start making love on the dancefloor. Sweat turns into diet coke and all that. 

‘Jail Babe’ is not a love song. Don’t be fooled. It’s a warning. Chords sweet like sugar and a groove sexy as fuck. But 15,16,17 … that’s jail bait. Dancing to this won’t cost much more than a parking ticket though. I swear.

Track 3 – Sound? Think John Carpenter, Easy Listening, Chicago House, Mayday Anthems, Jazz and a built-in crowded dancefloor. Malente & Zero Cash are definitely ‘Turning Beds’ with this one.

Ego Troopers (Blood Music) blow your house down with their reinterpretation of the title track. You knew they’re having rave for breakfast every day, but you didn’t expect them to could deliver such a sophisticated dubbed out remix.

You love happy endings? Well we do. That’s why we have Vin Sol (Soo Wavey) & 5kin And Bones (UnknownTo The Unknown) go all Lil Louis on ‘Without You’. French kissing from the USA. How could the cover for this release not be an ‘E’ ?

‘My world is empty without you, babe’

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