PLEA$URE – Platypus EP

FAKE BLOOD “I really like the original version of Playtypus. It’s fucking great.”
TREASURE FINGERS “Vhyce Remix. Nice one!”
SCNTST “Toucan is niiiiice”
DISTAL “Really like the Hoshina Anniverary Remix. It has an old 8 bit feel to it.”
BEATAUCUE “Visionist Remix is cool”
UDACHI “Melodies are amazing, feeling the Lucid remix a lot. More Pleasure plaza!”
ROSKA “Vhyce remix is heavy!”
DON RIMINI “Hoshina Anniversary and both originals are very cool”
MUMDANCE “Lucid remix is Crazy! Love the Visionist Mix too, gonna spin that for sure. all the tracks are great tho :)”
RACK N RUIN “so sick! proper original stuff!”
SUPABEATZ “Love Platypus original, “creepy” mysterious vibes!”
JOHN ROMAN “Nice EP. Vhyce remix will be my favourite for playing out, and Lucid’s remix is the coolest. Thanks!”

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