Splendour in the Grass 2012; Our Picks

Every year around winter time social media is buzzing around one of Australia’s most popular music festivals known as none other than Splendour in the Grass. thousands of party goers will brave not only the cold, traffic jams, sneaking in alcohol etc for the positives which are seeing there favourite artists, making crazy new friends in the TP forest, randomly finding a stage and falling in love with an act you have never seen and finishing the night talking shit about what you did that day.

With so many artists to go and see we have comprised a list of our picks on who we recommend to go watch, also we would love to know who you are going to see as well.


Mix Up – Flume 1:15pm

Super Top – DZ Deathrays 2:20pm

Mix Up – Yacht Club Djs 3:30pm

Mix Up – Bertie Blackman 5:15pm

Mix Up – Gypsy & the Cat 8:30pm

Mix Up – Kimbra 10:00pm

Super Top – Jack White 10:45pm


Mix Up – Luke Million 1:15pm

Super Top – Last Dinosaurs 2:20pm

Mix Up – Gloves 3:00pm

Gw Mclennan Tent – Jinja Safari 4:00pm

Super Top – Band of Skulls 4:45pm

Super Top – Ladyhawke 6:15pm

Super Top – Tame Impala 7:45pm

Mix Up – Sampology AV Show 8:15pm

Super Top – Mike Snow 9:15pm

Super Top – Bloc Party 10:45pm



Mix Up – Parachute Youth 12:30pm

Mix Up – Beni 4:00pm

Mix Up – Yuksek 4:45pm

Super Top – Metric 5:40pm

Super Top – Wolfmother 6:55pm

Mix Up – Azealia Banks 8:00pm

Mix Up – Nina Las Vegas 9:00pm

Super Top – The Smashing Pumpkins 9:45pm

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