Rubix – Sophie EP

FATBOY SLIM “nice use of ‘_____’ one of my favourite tunes …”
DJ SNEAK “Good groovers”
SINDEN “Bangah!”
MUMBAI SCIENCE “It’s over for us! Nice vibe”
ROBOSONIC “I love ‘I love’. ‘It’s over’, too… good job Rubix.”
NT89 “Great ep, house vibes, i’m defintely going to play it’s over.”
STRIP STEVE “Woaaah Sophie is my jam! Love it! Well Crafted”
SUPABEATZ “Smoooth EP. I like both It’s Over and I Love, so groovy!”
SCNTST “Rubix has a groooooove”
BAMBOUNOU “Very nice ep, love the vibe”
MOULINEX “I love this. so classy! Massive support for Rubix.”
DJ FEADZ “the good old way — very well done ! Love the 3 tracks
BAG RAIDERS “Nice nice nice!”
YOLANDA BE COOL “It’s Over is gonna get some plays fo sure…nice xx”

Boris Dlugosch, Reset!, HeavyFeet, Daniel Dexter, Randomer, Tagteam Terror, Kry Wolf, Funkin Matt, Roska, Big Dope P, Don Rimini, Mendoza, Arcade, Shir Khan, Tocadisco, Joyce Muniz, Mike Magoo, Modek, Mikix The Cat, Highbloo, Hickup, Lorcan Mak, Swick, Lars Moston, Teenage Mutants, Moonbootica, Nick Catchdubs, Makossa, Act Yo Age, Danny T, Dakunt, Jeff Doubleu, Peo De Pitte, Utah Saints, Wax Romeo, Breaks Ida, Larry Tee, Lazy Flow, Ben Mono, Ajax, DJ Gina Turner, Zombies For Money, aUtOdiDakT, Shivers*, Jack Tennis, Super Super, Oh Snap!, The Discoboys, DCUP, MarceauxMarceaux, The Partysquad, Colonel Error, Generik, DJ Elektor, Fashen, Jay Robinson, Polymath, Kill Light, PL€A$UR€, 3 is A Crowd, Rob (Stereo MCs), Cram, Mat the Alien, Roby Howler, Blaze Tripp, DJ Huggs, Backspin Boys, Elektropusher

DJ MA1 (Rinse FM), Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1LIVE), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Rambaud Ludovic (ONLY FOR DJ’s, FR), Andre Langenfeld (Fritz fm, Berlin), Robert Borzym (Polsike Radio Euro), Tommy Yamaha & Ekki Eletrico (Wildstyle/ on3 Radio), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), DJ Paulette (Radio FG France & Belgium), Bleed (De:Bug, Ger), Dan Aux (George.FM, NZ), Aanna Lunoe (Fbi Radio, Aus)

‘Sophie, it’s over I love Rubix’

Right after the success of ‘That Rhythm’, his debut release on No Brainer Records in 2011, Rubix ventured into acid dripping techno on a collaboration with fellow dutchman Bart B More.

Don’t be fooled though. His new EP ‘Sophie’ might sound a bit ruff, but it’s as joyful as a slap in the face by a sensitive, beautiful young lady. The title track leads the way. Sweetest disco-soul meets old school house. A love song not only for one lady, but for all of them. Droppable for every DJ with a fraction of heart left in their bodies and 100% listenable even at home. Unreal for dance music I know.

Gritty house beats fused with soulful elements in a way that sounds much better then this cliché would have you believe. Probably even better then this whole info sheet so why don’t you skip the rest and just put on the tune. We got a top notch video coming too!

Still reading? Well ‘It’s Over’ is bittersweet as ruff luv. The trackname might sound frightening for a second track, but don’t worry we’ve got one more. ‘I Love’ is a love letter in two words and heart-rending music. This whole EP is so good, it’s brutal. Infecting all dancefloors. Emotional overflow. You play Deep, you play House, you play Techno: You will play this!

‘I’ve been an iceberg, now I’m water’

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