Tittsworth, Rez & Des McMahon – Juicy Jorts EP

In the best collaborations, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. No wait, a Chinese man, a Persian man and a mick walk into a bar…

At first glance, the combo of Tittsworth, Rez and Des McMahon is an odd one, with backgrounds in Baltimore Club, Hip-Hop and Trance respectively. But the DC trio spent countless hours in the lab over the last few months and came out with this surprisingly focused yet diverse EP, touching on House, Kuduro, Dubstep and of course Moombahton (this is a T&A release, after all).

Tittsworth, as the “T” in T&A Records, released Dave Nada’s seminal trilogy of Moombahton EPs, and plays host to the legendary Moombahton Massive parties with Nadastrom and Sabo at his DC nightclub, U Street Music Hall. Not to mention co-producing the essential moombahton anthem of 2011, “Pendejas.” And young Rez & Des dropped their own moombahton banger “Grind ‘n’ Roll” on Sazon Booya’s label Rot10 Musik to great acclaim just this past February.

“U Fine” starts things off, half Kuduro, half Dubstep, half wildebeest. Hyperspeed rave melodies build to a huge halftime drop, then jump up into four on the floor dutch insanity. The EP’s other uptempo number, “Drive By” is even more brutal, with plenty of gunshots, hints of Baltimore club, tropical bass and massive tearout synths. “Latido” is deep but by no means mellow, with a huge moombahton groove built around a human heartbeat, and tense, paranoid crescendos. Moombahtonistas, if you’ve been looking for a way to get out of “Dusted,” this is the one. And “CLAPz” is the sleeper hit of the EP, pushing the boundaries of traditional moombahton to new heights.

“Great EP… Drive By will be particularly good for the bigger festival shows!” – Toddla T

“Here’s my reaction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJL94ifqzSQ I’m feeling CLAPz tho!” – AC Slater

“Amazing thx man! 🙂 x” – Brodinski

“I hate it!! … Naw just kiddin… Shits hot!” – Craze

“Latido roxxx!” – Iggor Cavalera / Mixhell

“CLAPZ IS MY JAM” – Jillionaire / Major Lazer

“Big up Tittsworth and Rez & Dez Mcmahon! Really feelin Latido!” -JWLS

“Drive By is rad!!! I’ll definitely be playing that! Me likey” – Jon P / Hot Mouth / Hot Pink Delorean

“Dope! I like CLAPz best.” – Codes

“Yo so I like Drive By for my harder sets! and the other mooooobahs are doooope.” – Gina Turner

“Tittsworth does it again with another collection of cross genre hard hitting beats just begging to be played on the dance floor!” – Franki Chan

“Drive By is my favorite off here, definitely gonna be playin it out. All the rest is sick too.” – Kill The Noise

“EP is bangin man! U Fine is an awesome hybrid of sounds, some ground being broken here! Big tune! Love that Clapz tune too.” – Willy Joy

“Thanks man! Drive By is MAD!!!!” – Neoteric

“Drive By is tough! On some mad max shit.” – Nacey

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