Myd – Vocal Drafts Vol 1

Vocal Drafts Vol.1 – Myd // Tracklist

Moloko – Sing It Back (Myd Remix – Acapella)
Lvis 1990 – Feel The Void (Myd “Feel The Love” Edit)
Blawan – Peaches (Myd Vocal Edit)
Maelstrom – Pool Chicks (Myd Vocal Edit)
Mahaut Mondino – Forbiden Kiss (Myd Remix)
Kink – Star 69
Brodinsk feat. Louisaaah – Let The Beat Control Your Body (Myd Vocal Remix)
Myd feat. Canblaster – Everybody Got To Learn Sometimes
Mike Q – Vogue 2012 (Myd Vocal Edit)
DJ Soulja Man – Eski Tech (Myd Vocal Edit)
Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Pom Clash (Myd Vocal Edit)
Surkin – Fireworks Hot Mix (Myd Vocal Edit)
Strip Steve – Trolling (Myd Vocal Edit)
Matthias Zimmermann – Fez (Myd Remix)


Check out his new remix also! Pretty damn awesome!

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