Sir Nenis – Play The Game EP!

Top Billin president Sir Nenis delivers a thumping single with ghetto-esque remixes

Play The Game (Original)
Play The Game (Astronomar Remixl)
Play The Game (2 Edit Remixl)
Play The Game (MLH All Stars Remix)
Play The Game (Daniel Klauser Remix)
Play The Game (Nader moombahton mix)

Now available exclusively at the Top Billin Digital Store:


Let’s keep this simple:
Sir Nenis is the president and main producer of Europe’s finest club music label (what we call by the name Top Billin) and ihas just recently signed to Trax Records of Chicago. Besides producing anything from ghetto club cuts to rap beats and even moombahton under the Top Billin moniker, and bass-heavy dance floor destoryers under his Sharkslayer alias, he still has time to release house tracks under his own dj name Sir Nenis. Nenis has been an integral part or Helsinki’s nightlife for ages, deejaying around and pushing out quality dance music on the Top Billin label with his partner Flipperi. The key to Top Billin’s success is not rocket science. They are just guys who love music and like to have good time. All the time. And that is exactly what drives Sir Nenis forward, his love for music and having a good time.

“Tuff beats & hard stabs makes this release from Top Billin president Sir Nenis perfect for main room play” – Traxsource
“The main man behind the all-conquering electro label Top Billin, Sir Nenis drops his Sharkslayer alias for this new and very vital release. “Play The Game” is a massive mash-up of galactic textures and ghetto-bass rhythms, with a couple of enormous snare rushes breaking up the heavy electro groove.” – Junodownload

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