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Chat with Light Year

Light Year has had a great 2011 and with Moderation exploding around the world you can be sure to keep seeing his name everywhere! Make sure you check out the new Light Year EP “Moderation”.

Lets kick things off with a few memories, What was your very first gig and how did you get it? A friend of mine used to throw a party at a venue called Suzie Q’s on Oxford Street here in Sydney. He took it over one night and i asked if i could play. He put me in the side room with no moniter speaker (not that i even knew how important it was to have a moniter speaker back then anyway). I organised all my friends to come and i had a bad ass night with the tune of the night being Tiga – Louder Than A Bomb.

Back in the early days of “5 girls” you received overwhelming support by artists all over the globe and Soulwax. Was it a weird experience listening to your song being played on radio, by international artists for the first time? Weird, flattering and a total buzz. I was so ignorant back then when it came to releasing music and getting support from DJ’s around the world. Now it is a necessity with every release i do.

To the present now, your just about to release “Moderation”, how has the response been from that so far? The best response to any release yet. I had the idea of doing a video because i wanted people to first hear the song whilst watching the video so the track made sense in a three dimensional way and i think that has really paid off. It is officially released on the 7th of March and has already been charted, played and supported by a lot of people i look up to so i couldn’t be happier.

Your heading back to US this year, anything you have to do you missed last time round, or no time for leisure? Mmmm, i did a lot last time i was there i don’t think i really missed out on anything except for going to NYC which i plan on doing this time. Honestly, I’m most looking forward to getting out of Sydney and touring again. I love the American people they are so hospitable, fun to hang out with and party like mad so I’m really looking forward to the tour as a whole.

Whats on the production cards for 2012 and where would you like to see yourself this time next year? I want to release another 2 EP’s over the next 12 months, one will be more techno orientated while the other will be in the same vein as Moderation. I’d like to start collaborating with vocalists because it is getting hard to always be clearing vocal samples. I’m also looking at re-locating to the USA so that is where i see myself next year, ideally doing exactly what I’m doing now but in LA.

THE 5!

1. What would your dream set be? – Daft Punk (Live) circa ’98.

2. Last track you just listened to… Junior Boys – You’ll Improve Me (Caribou Remix)

3. Do you have any festival survival items? Don’t lose your friends when you’re high on acid…

4. This time next week I will be… Sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs.

5. Gillard or Abbot? Neither and I really mean that, they are both inept but Julia’s voice actually raises my blood pressure it annoys me that much.

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