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Katie Karma’s Q&A with STATIX!

STATIX are seriously turning heads (and ears!) in the Dubstep, Glitch hop and Drum n Bass scene at the moment! Comprised of three DJ’s and one MC from Bristol in the UK, these guys have huge things ahead of them! Reaching an EPIC number one in the Glitch Hop charts on Beatport, to releasing tracks for some of the biggest names in Dubstep such as Foreign Beggars, STATIX are obviously doing something extremely right! I caught up with one of the boys, Eddie, to find out what they’re doing at the moment… killing it boys!

1. You guys have obviously all been in the music scene for a while now, but how did you all meet before forming STATIX?
We were all attending a music technology course @ City of Bristol College, back then the dubstep scene was pretty small, and not many people on the course were making it. John and Ross decided to make some tunes together and formed STATIX. It was during a night out at a Renegade Hardware where I was asked to join in the crew.

2. Where have you been touring lately and when you come to Australia next, what can we expect from your sets?
We haven’t done any tours as such but we play around the UK and Europe. We’re still yet to play a show outside of Europe but would love the opportunity to play in Australia! You can expect a high energy set and multi genre tunes such as glitch hop and drum n bass as well as dubstep!

3. You guys have got the ability to create both amazing Dubstep as well as equally amazing Glitch Hop, do you have any preference between different genres or do you just love it all?
In the past it was purely dubstep only but these days it’s nice to make other genres, it keeps it fresh, but the main answer is – we love it all!

4. With the ever-growing popularity of Dubstep and other types of electronic music, what do you think the future holds for the industry?
The underground music scene in the UK is very interesting and it can be hard to determine exactly how things will turn out as there are alot of innovative producers that can come up with a unique sound. But for me i think the future lies in producers not sticking to one genre, and albums and EPs will be more multi genre based.

5. Who are you really loving at the moment? Any Aussie producers?
There’s so many! All of the recent Screwloose ( signings are up there for me including Teknian and a very talented Aussie called Zanetic! KOAN Sound, Culprate and Asa are always making amazing music.

6. Top 5 tracks right now?
In no particular order:

KOAN Sound – The Edge

DCarls – All in

Noisia – Split the Atom (Kito Remix)

Feed Me & Gemini – Whiskers

Foreign Beggars – LDN (STATIX & Eddie K Remix)

7. Finally, anything else we should know about you?
I have two beautiful nephews – one called Akira and the other Koan – both have a lot to live up to!

STATIX constantly release new amazing tunes and have a free download on their fan page, Check them out at These guys are seriously worth checking out if you’re into bass music! Great producers and as I said before… BIG things coming from them in the near distant future!

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