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Megastrom Interview

First off, tell us a bit about yourselves? and how did you all meet? MEGASTROM is Sven Zloty, Dan Dollar and Jan Yen. Sven played guitar in a german rockband for some years. Later Sven and Dan have been organising also electronic music festivals and parties. In 2008 they started to produce Trance and released some tracks on several labels. Both are Djs with experiences on many dancefloors worldwide. Jan Yen started to produce music on his Amiga 2000 in 1992. Most influenced by Breakbeats and electronic music from the early 90s he studied Audio Engineer and founded a Psy-Trance act with a buddy. About 60 releases later and gigs around the world he decided to produce other kinds of music.

Sven was booking Jan for some festivals so both were knowing each other for years. In 2009 Sven, Dan and Jan crashed together with weird ideas about dancemusic – and ended up with the decission to produce something between ElectroDiscoRaveRockHouseMadness.

You guys have got a massive EP which drops on Monday. Have you guys been overwhelmed with some of the support which includes Paul Van Dyk, Starjackers & Missill? Yes we’re really happy to release these tracks on Overcooked Records and being supported by these names is just amazing  Hope we can make a lot of people dance  By the way: Radio FG said to the MEGASTROM Back EP: “Strong EP », these youngsters are rockin … between Madeon & Daft Punk. What killer compliment – no !? 😉

What inspired the small but effective name change from Strom to MEGASTROM? Strom is the german word for electricity. In the beginning we thought it’s strong enough to explain what we want to transport from our studio to the dancefloor. After a while we were getting the idea to enter the next level. Becoming MEGA was just logical – a completly new quality of life !

You guys won Kylie Minogue’s ‘Breathe’ remix comp a little while back? did you guys go at it to win or just a bit of fun? We just loved to remix this sexy lil girl and the vocal stem was pure Kylie. We produced it with the intention to turn the commercial-intended original into Kylie-Disco stuff so it was just for fun. And we were really surprised to win the competition, didn’t expected it. 

What are you guys using in the studio at the moment, and what did you guys first learn on? Sven is playing guitar and Jan is also trying to convince his fingers to play piano for a long time. In the studio we use a mix from digital equipment like UAD-2/plugins and analogue synthies like Roland SH-101, Korg MS-20, Moog Voyager and some modular stuff. There are still certain sounds like bass, leads or FX that are difficult to get in the digital domain. For example the Pulse Width Modulation in our Roland System 100m is ubelievable, the Moog Voyager is a fat fat soundblaster and the lead sounds from the 101 couldn’t be more round – pure analog power. We also like the combination of the different sound characteristics. Our lovely MS-20 sounds completly different compared to Moog or Roland. But also some other sounds are easier to build with virtual instruments.

Besides this upcoming EP, What’s next on the production cards? In the last few months we made a lot of remixes so we’ll definetly make some new tracks that are completly MEGASTROM.

Any goals for 2012? We will produce lots of new tracks and hope to play next to you !

Sorry to make you do this but what’s your top 5 tunes at the moment?

The S – I Feel You
F.O.O.L – Krieg
Le Castle Vania – Awake
Megastrom – Back
Megastrom – Late Nite

Besides yourselves, any artists you think people should be keeping an eye out for in 2012? BSD could come up with some surprises as well as ULTRNX.

Finally, any words for your fans reading? Hope to bring that new sound soon live to you !!! 

Keep your eyes out for their new EP coming out this Monday on Overcooked Records! BOOM!

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