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Alex Gopher Interview

You have a huge history in dance music. Your re-inventing yourself now with your latest releases, Is it entering a new ball game or is the same old different sound? I always try to re-invent myself, that’s why I want each of my new record to be different from the previous one. I try to put my own style in all those different directions.

You had some amazing remixes for your Invasion EP, plus the original was amazing. How has the reception been for that release? Very good ! The tracks are played by all the DJs that I love. But it’s so difficult now to have more than a buzz… The buzz is supposed to be the start of something, no it’s more often the result and the end of something.  Going further than the buzz ? That’s doin’ music for the masses, or put a lot of energy and money on marketing. I can’t! It’s also more easy to have something big on an album than on an EP. I have to release a new album!

Lets take it right back to the beginning. When you first started what were you using in studio? and what are you using now? I was using an akai sampler, a vinyle collection, a bass, an atari and a DAT recorder. Now my studio is full of vintage synths and gear, with a Protools and a big analog mixing desk. Toys, always more toys.

When will see Alex Gopher back down under? and how was your last visit? I don’t have any plan for a future coming in Australia! But I would love to have one! My last and only visit was in 2005 with Etienne de Crecy and Julien Delfaud when we did some Superdiscount live shows.

Whats coming up for you in 2011/12? It will be for 2012 ! An album with Pierrick Devin (we did two remixes for Etienne de Crecy and Pacific!) and a movie soundtrack with Xavier Jamaux for a movie produced by Johnnie To.

What artists should we be looking out for in 2011/12? I just listened a new french synth-pop band this morning. Saint Michel. It should be everywhere in 2012.  For pure electronic music, I’m waiting for the album from Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers, and also the ZZT.

Are there any songs at the moment that tend to sneak their way into every set? Singapore Madness from Shinichi O. & Paul C., my remix for Mumbai Sience “Lotus”, not released yet…

Finally, any advice for the aspiring dj’s and producers? Do your thing but do it different, 95% of the tracks are sounding the same on Beatport!

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