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Koan Sound Interview!

Koan Sound are turning into a massive Dubstep force and are coming to Australia! Check out our interview with the Duo and see why you should be front row when they tear Brisbane apart!

You guys started back in 2008, how was KOAN Sound created and how did you guys meet? We’d been producing and playing music in a four piece band for several years beforehand; having initially met each other at secondary school. Gradually as our tastes developed we began to experiment and immerse ourselves in electronic music. When a label approached us and wanted to release our music back in 2008, we came up with the name KOAN Sound and have continued to make music under the pseudonym ever since.

You guys are about to tour Australia; what can we expect from your sets? Is there anything you guys want to get up to while you down under? Currently our sets are split pretty evenly between 140bpm and 100bpm; we’ve been pushing the lower tempos for a while now, and as most of this music is unreleased at present you can expect a set full of exclusive material. As for what we’ll be up to, when we’re not flying from city to city we’re likely to be down on the beaches – mid-October back in the UK is usually pretty miserable!

You guys definitely have a unique sound within the Dubstep genre, how do you guys feel about the new “my drop is harder” trend amongst new Dubstep productions compared to the melodic? To be honest Dubstep has been heading this way for a few years now. There’s nothing wrong with big drops or tear-out tunes whatsoever, but in our opinion they have to have an element of originality and musical creativity to them, otherwise they end up almost being parodies of themselves. Groove is the key!

What have you guys got coming up production wise? At the moment we’re in the studio putting the finishing touches to our new EP, which should be released at the end of October on the OWSLA imprint. We’ve also done several remixes which hopefully should surface over the next couple of months, but asides from that we don’t have any long term plans, except that we would love to produce a full length album at some point in the future.

I’ve heard that Dubstep isn’t all you guys produce; I read there is a bit of Hip-Hop going on. Will we ever hear a production from you guys with them blended or just hip hop? We definitely try and make lots of different styles of music; we are of course best known for our Dubstep but there is lots of other material that will eventually surface when we find the right label to release it on. I would say that our 100bpm tracks fit in somewhere in between Dubstep and Hip-Hop, both in terms of tempo and style. We’re definitely interested in collaborating with rappers or singers though; it would be really cool to do a track in an old school Hip-Hop sort of vein too.

Are there any artists you guys have been digging at the moment? Any Australian artists? There are so many artists out there at the moment producing great and original music; a few names that people may not have heard of though include producers such as Teknian, and Zanetic who is from Perth. From the electronic music spectrum in general we’ve been feeling people like Canblaster, SebastiAn, Phace and Sully for a while now, but there are honestly far too many names to mention!

Top 5 tracks right now?

Culprate – Ono

KOAN Sound – Funk Blaster

Asa & Stumbleine – Glow

Ed Sheeran – Lego House (eleven8 Remix)

Rustie – Ultra Thizz


Finally, any words for your fans down under before we see you in October? Really looking forward to finally getting over to Oz, so come and say hi if you’re around!

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