2011 Pedestrian Blogster Awards – Vote Dirtie Clouds

Hey guys, We have been nominated into the voting stage of the 2011 Pedestrian Blogster Awards and we are really excited. For something we have worked so hard on for over a year, 180 posts and hours and hours of searching for music are finally paying off. We need your help to push us into the top 3. There are some amazing blogs we are up against so be sure to check them out and add them to your bookmarks. Click HERE! and hit “Like” under Dirtie Clouds!

We have been a bit slow on the blog posts this week but we will be back at it asap. Studio has consumed us at the moment but we are done for awhile. Check out our new remix below for the Malente Remix Competition.

5 thoughts on “2011 Pedestrian Blogster Awards – Vote Dirtie Clouds

  1. troll of the week. well seen as there are awards, I wanna win. you guyz are bad haha. not worst blog but pretty bad. like top 10 worst. lol. and it worrys me how mch spam you guys will put out to try and do well in this comp. already posted 6 times more than the blog winnin. says something doesnt it? shh you suk lol. ps hope i win next week!?!

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