Introducing Katie K & Miss J

You guys have recently Formed a Duo, What were the reasons behind this?

We started forming this friendship cos we were always being put on the same bills, so naturally started spending a bit more time together. It wasn’t until we actually got asked to play a set together that we realized how much fun we had, so decided to turn it into something a bit more serious.

 Tell us a bit about yourselves, how long have you girls been a spinning for ?

J: I’ve being playing to one extent or another since I was about 18, so.. that’s about 4 years now.

K: I have always been around decks, vinyl or cdjs, from a young age as my big brother (Verner) had gotten into it in his teenage years. I played my first club gig (Empire Hotel) the weekend of my 18th birthday supporting NAPT (breaks from the UK) so I’ve been playing for around 2 years now.

 How were you introduced to the world of Dj’ing and when did you get behind your first set of decks?

J: I was living with my brother in law at the time and he had just bought his Pioneer setup and was teaching himself the basics. I kinda just watched over his shoulder and he showed me what he was teaching himself, which really sparked up my interest. I was listening to a lot of indie music at the time as I hadn’t yet gotten into EDM. So I remember the first mix I tried to do was a random (and terrible) mashup of The Hives and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like the think I’ve learnt a bit from then!

K: My brother Chris, and his friends had a big impact on what music I listened to from my early teenage years onwards. I always wanted to be like my big bro and he ended up buying me my first pair of DJ headphones and lessons with him when I was 15. Chris taught me basic beat matching and mixing while I played around with simple house songs. I also have memories playing around on his vinyls when I was pretty young too. Shout out to Sangers who also taught me his perfected mixing techniques, which I’m still trying to work out to this day haha.

 What experience do you have in the Brisbane Music Scene and whats coming up next for you guys?

We have about 6 years experience between us, so we aren’t newcomers by any means, however the forming of our duo has really opened up a lot of opportunities and realisations that we didn’t previously have. We are currently working with a lot of local and a few interstate promoters to bring some new and exciting things to the table for Katie K & Miss J, so… watch this space!

 If someone asked to decribe your Style in three words what would it be?

J: Fun, loud… surprising

K: Exciting, New, Energetic (I also definitely agree with Jaime… surprising)

 Any favorite Tracks at the moment?

J: At the moment I’m in love with a release from Toolroom Knights, Sinnerman, by Sean Miller & Daniel Dubb. It’s such a versatile track. I have dropped this a few times to a very good response. Another one we are both really loving is BTSTU by Jai Paul. It’s really nice and chilled. In terms of dubstep, Sweet Talk by Kito & Reija Lee went down a treat at Ruba Dub!

K: It’s not too new, but it defs picks me up if I’m feeling down – one of my favourite drum and bass tracks: Love Goes Down (Danny Byrd Remix) – Plan B. Another track, also featured in our new mixtape, is ZooLoo (Pleasurekraft Remix) – Miles Dyson. For something a little heavier, I can’t get Pink Lady by Feed Me out of my head!! Prutataaa (Afrojack & R3HAB) and ION (D.I.M. & Tai) are also sickkk tunes!

 Producing, what are you working on at the moment and can you give us a bit of insight on what your using?

Producing is something we are really excited to get into towards to the end of the year. We’ve both had a bit of experience on Logic/Ableton and both have korg synths at our houses. So if/when we get a bit of a break in our gig schedule, we’ll be making time to work on some originals.

 Are there any artists that you look up to?

Of course! There are a few female DJ’s such as Helena, MINX and HOOPS who are pretty inspiring in the way that they have made such a name and brand for themselves. Helena had some really interesting and helpful advise for us which we are taking on board.

In terms of producers, we both have a pretty big lady crush on Katy B.

 Other than yourselves, who would you say to look out for in the Brisbane scene?

J: There are so many new comers in the scene, and to accommodate that we are seeing a lot of new club nights being launched. I recently judged the Uber Whatever Wednesdays DJ comp and the 2 finalists, Kids on Camera DJ’s and Trent Hammond both did really impressive sets, so keep an eye out for them, as I know they are both getting quite a lot of gigs since the comp!

K: Yeah, I’d have to agree with Jaime! The Kids on Camera boys are awesome… like the whole RAGECREW are! THE KID is another friend of mine to look out for! Only just 18, part of the RAGECREW and already producing some heavy beats! There are also soo many other talents… too many to mention! So much up and coming talent in Brissy!

 Favorite/Funniest Club memory that you have experienced so far?

J: I’d say our favorite gig we have done as a duo was the most recent, the relaunch of RubaDub at the Bowler Bar. It was pretty insane.

K: RubaDub was definitely awesome! It was pretty cool to go from playing indie/disco the night before at LOVECATS (alloneword) to a full dubstep set at Bowler! Awesome couple of nights 🙂 …In terms of funniest club memory so far, we were playing recently and were mid set when a band randomly decided it was their turn to take the floor and completely cut us off! … we were both kinda like.. arhhh thankssss guys!? Haha

 Finally When is the next gig we can see you playing at ?

We will be playing at Electric Playground on the 26th August, then at Bowler Bar 1st Sept, and again supporting Hot Pink Delorean on the 9th. Stay tuned for some exciting news which we will be announcing shortly!


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