Artist Interviews

Audionite Interview!

His life has recently been added to the Boys Noize Family and has got some epic tunes coming up! Watch out for Audionite!

Tell us how your first got into producing and what the story behind your name? As you know I’m coming from the Hip Hop corner and I always was a big fan of “The Neptunes”.  
I loved their work and they inspired me a lot! Actually their sound was the reason why I wanted to produce my own music. I wanted to make something as fresh as their stuff.
The story behind my name is quite simple. At first I wanted to name myself “Audio Knight” but somehow I wanted to have just one word in my name so I decided to make “Audionite” of it because it sounds similar and a little bit like dynamite the same time. BOOM!

You started producing Hip Hop and RnB, will we ever see a sneaky one-off hip hop track in the future? 

Maybe…  😉 

Has that past experience in those genres helped you in Electro?

 I don’t know but maybe it helped me to create my own unique style or at least I hope so.

How has your life been since joining the Boysnoize crew? Well, I joined quite recently and there’s already much more going on than before. Since my BNR TRAX EP came out I was sitting so often in front of my computer observing what is happening in my little Audionite universe! All those great feedbacks from great artists I’ve been following for so long and of course the people who supported me and bought the EP… it’s a great feeling!
The BNR team is awesome too! It’s like a big family I’ve joined.

What would be your favorite track you’ve made? Man… That’s a nasty question but if I had to choose it would be “Hyperlove” , I guess.  Deep in my heart I’m a sucker for love, you know. Haha.

Whats coming up next on the Audionite production card? Definitely some remixes and a second EP on BNR in the future.

In the 7 or so years you have been producing, what has been the biggest change to you in terms of technology and the way we make music? I would say everything is more accessible and easier to handle now.  You can connect almost everything via USB and often you don’t even have to install it yourself. Today you can even produce music on your iphone or so and it doesn’t even sound that bad. It’s crazy!

When will we see Audionite in Australia?

 I’d love to play in Australia! Hopefully next year… We’ll see.

Finally, any advice for the kids out their wanting to get into dance music?

 Keep it real y’all!

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