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Homework Interview

Homework have impressed us since they began. Since Fissa Tune EP they have been on a steady roll towards international fame. We got to catch up with the duo and ask them a few questions, Check it out!

You guys have been touring a lot lately, does the novelty wear off after a while? What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about touring?
We try to be as amazed as we were the first time we went over the border, but, to be honest, we have realized you get used to it very soon. So yeah, the novelty wears off. Most hotels look the same and only so often will we be amazed by an extremely comfortable king size bed (Marriot, Warsaw) or Jelly Beans in the minibar (Westin Grand, Berlin). Not to say that we are bored by these luxuries, not at all. Favorite thing about touring, undoubtedly, is the feeling that you are spreading your music (read: gospel) and meeting all kinds of people and seeing all sorts of places in the course of that ‘mission’. Least favorite aspect is the fact that we usually don’t have the time to see much of the foreign cities we travel to. With exception of Berlin, which has started to feel like a second home to us. And the traveling can be quite tiring, of course. Especially when you party like it’s 1999. Something we have been doing since 1998.

Since you guys started Homework, have you always been smooth sailing? Does either of you have any bad habits?

A lot of hard work is involved to keep this show on the road, but if you have passion for music, which comes rather natural to the both of us, it still tends to feel like a hobby. After the release of Fissa Tune, last year, the dots have been connecting themselves, although you have to be making up dots and placing them carefully. Being of Dutch, liberal descent, our worst habit might be our dark, sarcastic (maybe even cynical) sense of humor. There are a number of backstages through Europe that have been overcrowded with raised eyebrows over the last year. All in good fun, of course.

If it’s not to secretive, what is your production process?
“Is water wet?”

What are you guys working on at the moment?

Paradoxically we are working on a lot of things and trying to not do too much, at the same time. There are a number of remixes coming out soon, hopefully. Here’s a few of the artists we gave the treatment: Crystal Fighters, Nufrequency (on Rebirth Records), Andre Crom & Martin Dawson (on OFF Recordings), and there are some others that are still in the makes of have yet to be confirmed. Apart from that we are constantly working on new material. Because we recently released a number of EPs – Rally Racquet Club on Made To Play; Hudson Square Remix EP on Exploited; and Black Jukebox 01 on Exploited sub-label Black Jukebox – we are taking it slow on the EPs for a moment. But do not be afraid, new tunes are coming…

Are their any Australian artists you guys would love to do a collaboration with? (i think you guys and wax motif)

Well, if you listen to our music there is only one suitable answer to that question: The Avalanches. Though we would not walk away from a chance to work with Nick Cave.
The biggest honor though would be a day in the studio with dance music legends Severed Heads, who could be called the Australian Kraftwerk/Devo.

It’s obviously not a bad thing that Fissa Tune sent you guys into the big leagues, but has it taken away from all your other productions before hand or do you think more people went to discover them?
For us all the tracks we produced before Fissa Tune was child’s play. It was more in the vein of searching than really knowing what we were doing or what we wanted to tell and present to our audience. From Fissa Tune on we started developing our (house) sound and, as you all know, we change it constantly, but even in that ever-changing sound there seems to be a constant. What that constant is, is for the audience to decide. Surely we will be elaborating on our own ‘sound’ and taking it here and there or maybe changing it. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it is not off putting or cheating our own musical heritage and integrity. All in all, for us it started from Fissa Tune on. Everything before hand is similar to that ugly chick you made out with when you were drunk. You want to forget about it, but your friends keep brining it up. Years and years later you realize you were young and that such things happen to everybody. Everybody makes mistakes.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

Empire City, Chi-town, The D, and Spree-Athen.

Funniest moment while on tour, behind the decks or in the studio?

Funnest moment, without a doubt, was when we were playing at Social Club in Paris. After a wild night with Jesse Rose and Oliver $ we woke up in the appartment-hotel we were staying at. The phone rang. A girl at the reception was informing guests that they were going to test the fire alarm. Please bear in mind that this was on a Saturday morning, somewhere around 11 o’clock. This fire alarm took about 15 minutes and it was the loudest, most annoying sound since Ventolin by Aphex Twin. We both had to hurry to the airport, so we left our rooms and went to reception to drop of our keys. Only to find a raging Oliver $ who had not slept because of the alarm (he had come in one hour prior and was trying to fall asleep). His rant, directed at the girl at reception (rude in her own right), included possibly every vaginal synonym known to man. The only thing we could do was laugh hysterically at this situation. Never have we seen a ginger get so ginger. Oliver was and still is… doin’ his thang.

Every dj has the moment where a cd screws up or a deck is playing up. Has it ever happened to you guys?

Back in the day Tom used to eject the wrong cd. A habit he has thankfully ejected from his system. The only time we were really fucked by apparatus was at Baalsaal in Hamburg. First off: Baalsaal is one of our favorite clubs to play. Low ceiling, great crowd, sparse lighting, etc. But the last time we played there, for some weird reason, all the electricity running through the dj booth disappeared. It took them quite a while to figure out what was wrong. Heads turned, hands searched cables, panic reigned. Thankfully the matter was eventually resolved and the party started again. For some strange reason the crowd was even more into it than before the ‘meltdown’. “A blessing, a blessing from the Lord!”

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