Artist Interviews

Brenmar Interview!

One of the coolest guy in dance music right now. With his unique sound he has made a massive impact and is definitely a artist to follow on your Beatport account. Here we go…

Tell us how you first got into making tunes and where you got your name from? I got really into hiphop when I was 12 year old, managed to convince my parents to get me some turntables at 14 and saved up enough money at 15 to buy my first mpc.  I dove in head first with no one to show me the ropes, I haven’t stopped since.  My little brother gave me the name when he was 2 years old due to a speech impediment he had for a few years.  I dont know where he got it from or why he called me Brenmar, but he did, no matter how many times I tried to correct him. Guess it stuck

What was the influence behind the move from your home town of Chicago to New York? To make moves and money, there’s a lot more headroom in NY.  In many ways there’s more competition but there’s also more people paying attention.  The energy here is amazing, it’s inspiring to see friends being creative and doing things.  Everyone here is always up to something
You can almost collaborate with anyone, but what would be your dream collab?

Speaking of Collabs, What was it like working with the genius Sinden? Ha, he’s great! a good friend/dj/producer…we still need to finish the track we started together actually, hopefully soon!

Whats coming up on the Brenmar production cards? Working with a lot more original vocals is really high on the agenda, slowly but surely setting that up right now.  New dance ep on Hum&Buzz in Sept is the next big thing, I’m really excited about it.

You do use samples, and there is nothing wrong with that, we do to. Will you ever make your own sample pack for the public? I’ve worked with samples since the day I started producing, it used to be %100 samples actually.  Sample pack?  hmmmm who knows…

When will we see Brenmar in Australia and any words for your fans down under? Hopefully very soon!  I really want to go!!  It’s just on the other side of the world for me so it’s a little easier said than done but fingers crossed!

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