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Autokratz Interview!

  First off, You seem to be on featured on every blog i visit, How long have you guys been a duo for and how did you meet? I heard it has vomit involved...
David - Vomit was indeed involved. Russ can't handle his drink and puked, thus splattering my shoes. I woulda kicked his head in had in not been for the fact he had also puked down his Devo T-shirt. I took pity on him and we became friends after that.
Russell - He had a crazy look in his eye that snapped me out of that messed-up state pretty quickly.

You guys have done the Parklife tour in Australia before, How was that and you excited for your next tour down under?
David - It was one of the best experiences of my life. Loved every second in Australia. People, food, attitude. Plus Aussie audiences go mental which suits the kinda music we make.
Russell - And we REALLY can't wait to come back...will definitely be back in your Summer.

Describe your sound in 3 words! Also was it a planned sound or something that was created with experimentation? 
David - Melodic. Electronic. Emotive.
Russell - I wouldn't say experimentation, but more development. Through writing one song, that can lead you on to new ideas and thus creating a coherent body of work. So although we didn't set out knowing where were going with this one, and the process was pretty organic, it was definitely controlled.

You have a release coming in Australia coming out in September, tell us more about that...
David - With the new album we wrote around 30 songs and picked the best which made sense as an album. Its more song based than the first too. 
With your first album youre kinda finding your feet with writing and producing. Not necessarily knowing how to get the exact sound that you want. With this we were able to create exactly what we wanted, sounding exactly how we wanted. 

What have you guys got coming up on the production cards? 
Russell - We're kind of going back to our roots for a string of banging EP's, just good old solid electro/techno. Its really great to be back at writing bangers again.

If you got to choose anyone to collab with on a project (DOA) who would it be?
David - Dangermouse would be cool. As would Damon Albarn.
Russell - I'd always love to do a track with Mark E. Smith. That'd probably make my life complete.

Wildest story on tour or at the studio?
David - One of the funniest nights out was when we were first starting. It was our first gig in Paris and Sean Lennon came to watch us. We ended up getting really wasted on vodka with him. 
At 6am there was only us, him and a few girls in the backstage when the cleaners came and told us to get the fuck out. 
Russell - I quite liked when me and David sat at a piano in our hotel lobby in Sydney at 7AM and bashed out the hits of the 80's. Got a few evil looks at breakfast.

Finally, any words for your fans in Australia before we see you?
David - Really excited to come back and play. Its been too long!!!
Russell - The first single from the new record Opposite of Love will be out super soon too...

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