Introducing Argentina

(photo courtesy AK)

Whether you like it hot and humid or cool and mild, the multifaceted temperatures of Argentina are something to keep your body’s curiosity aroused. Whatever you prefer, be sure to keep your toes tingling and ears fresh to death all year round by evoking your eardrums with none other than Brisbane artist, Argentina.

Starting out in a pop-punk band, Alex Ritchie aka Argentina, abandoned the genre for a completely new sound. After spending three years destroying the same four power chords, Argentina is keen to take baby steps, after releasing two songs onto the Triple J Unearthed Charts and is set to release another later this week.

Having an epiphany-like experience whilst seeing local Brisbane band Arrows at The Old Museum, play super-slow, twinkly post-indie dirges about apartments and ashtrays, Argentina had a full body shiver and went to every show they played for two years after that. He hopes to have the same effect on his fans one day.

He is also in the process of putting together a band to play the album that he is going to put out later in the year. Argentina’s plans for the aforementioned album, as of yet, untitled, will be out towards the end of the year. All of the tracks he has finished, as well as his old EP All I Could See Was The Sky are available for free download HERE.

And what’s next on the scene for Argentina? Without saying too much he has scored musical contributions to a couple of Aus-Indie flicks, be sure to check them out and watch this space!

Check out and vote for his harmonious tunes HERE!

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