Monastery – The End

The End

On Saturday 16th July 2011 The Monastery Nightclub will close its doors forever. To mark the end of an era, the new owners Steven Papas and Adrian Mezzina will host a series of closing parties starting from July 1st and officially ending on July 16th.

‘The End’ closing party series will see the Monastery farewelled over three weeks; with seven events that collectively showcase and celebrate the best of the venue, with a big focus on all of the patrons who have supported the club for over a decade. For information and what’s on, head to www.monastery.com.au.

Papas and Mezzina know it is the perfect time to say goodbye. After working together for 18 months building their own entertainment and marketing company, The Arcade Creative, they both seem to have a good idea of what works in Brisbane, what doesn’t and where the future lies for the Valley itself. Things are also very close to home for Papas, who worked at the club from 2005-2010 with his own club night and as the Marketing Manager.

Mezzina notes “We are here to do what we can for an industry that has been very kind to us over the last six to seven years. We have some amazing talent in Brisbane and we need to keep it here to ensure the future of our scene is strong and moving forward in the right direction”.

 The world-renowned Monastery has sat proudly on the corner of Ann Street and Marshall Street enjoying 11 successful years as one of the most established venues in the Fortitude Valley precinct. The club on the corner cemented itself as a leader, playing host to DJ sets from the likes of Will I Am, The Bloody Beetroots, Claude VonStroke and The Crookers. Not to mention hosting celebrities, T.V. personalities, sports stars and most importantly, local Brisbane party revellers who have chosen “The Mono” as their venue of choice for the better part of a decade. Fox 8 superstar DJs and media personalities, The Stafford Brothers, also played a vital roll in establishing the venue as the most consistent late night party venue in Brisbane, “We were actually residents for years at the Mono, it was one of the places we not only learnt how to DJ, but also how to party. We will definitely miss it!”

As Papas explains, “so many have their own story to tell, whether people planned to be there, just ended up there, arrived at midnight or just before lock out.

“Everyone who has enjoyed Brisbane’s nightlife in the last decade or so has experienced at least one fun, memorable night at Monastery”.

As major players themselves in the evolution of Brisbane’s music and entertainment scene, the young entrepreneurs recognise the importance to respectfully give Monastery the closing campaign it deserves and deliver a new venue that will open the next chapter of Brisbane nightlife.

Both owners believe it’s a very exciting time for Brisbane and especially for the Valley as it starts to regain its identity. With over 10 years of experience collectively, the two passionate promoters have the knowledge and skills to create something very special for the people of Brisbane and visitors alike, and look forward to working closely with likeminded operators to ensure the Valley maintains its edge and diversity.

Mezzina and Papas hold good company when it comes to booking agents and partners both interstate and overseas. A quick glimpse at their resume reveals a history of alliances with the biggest and best festivals in Queensland, including the likes of Future Music Festival, Summafieldayze and Winter Sound System.

Undoubtedly in safe hands, expect to soon say hello to a new space, new memories and new sounds.

What comes next will be announced shortly…

For individual event details visit WWW.MONASTERY.COM.AU

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