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Parklife 2011 – Little Dragon

Little Dragon, an automated-electric band based in Sweden is set to hit the stage at this years Parklife Festival around the country. We got the honour of chucking a few questions at Yukimi Nagano and her clan of highschool friends Fredrik Kallgren Wallin, Erik Bodin and Hakan Wirenstrand to ask them if they think Australia will compare to their recent tour of Europe and what audiences can look forward to at this years Parklife, 2011.

When was the last time you were in Australia? and how was it? It was in December last year. It was hot and fun. Good crowds!

How was supporting the Gorillaz on their Plastic Beach tour? It was really nice! We were starstruck for the first parts of it, by all our old idols from the clash, de la soul, pharcyde and Bobby Womack … And Damon albarn as well ofcourse. At the end we became a big family. it was a lot of fun and big arenas.

Are you pumped to play Parklife Australia 2011?Very very very pumped!

Most interesting performing (festival or concert) experience?We just played at the sonar festival in Barcelona and it was magic… To us at least 😉

Why the name Little Dragon?Maybe we have to change name soon cuz it doesn’t tell the truth anymore. But it used to be a nickname for Yukimi and her hot temper.

Where did your sound originate?From lots and lots of experimenting and trying to break all boundaries

How would you describe your sound in three words?Rhythm , dreams , synths

What’s next for Little Dragon? In a couple of days we are playing at the Glastonbury festival. That’s gonna be fun and chaotic.

Any words for your fans before we see you later in the year?Watch out for the new album coming in the end of july!

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