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The Loops of Fury Chat!

They have exploded this year, not saying that they were not popular before but just saying.. Has there been a bigger year for these guys?? We had to catch up with them over email and see what they have been up and what is coming up next! Make sure you get your warm cup of tea, chuck on your reading glasses and enjoy this one 🙂

Your name has been everywhere this year, tell us where you guys started out and how you came up with your name? 

Jimi: Max and I have been mates for a really long time, we first hooked up writing tunes on the mighty Amiga! We draw a strong influence from the seminal 90s dance acts we grew up listening to, acts like The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy, so when it came time to name ourselves The Loops Of Fury just seemed right. Not only is it a homage to the Chems, but I think it sums up our sound pretty well.

You guys are from our home Brisbane, your now in living in London, what inspired the move?

Max: I’ve always had a thing for London, it’s been calling me for a long time, and at the time we had alot more going on Loops wise overseas than we did in Brisbane so it was a pretty natural step to take.

Jimi: London has always been on the cards, there is so much good music coming out of here and so much stuff going on it was always going to be a positive thing to move. Living in a big city has had an impact on the music that we write too I think, it’s always good to be out of you comfort zone and trying new things.

After your success with your Debut EP, how has the road been since and what have you guys got coming up?

Max: It’s been pretty smooth really, we haven’t hit any bumps (touch wood!). We are constantly looking forward, and I hope we never reach a stage where we rest on our laurels… though it would be nice to have laurels to rest on! haha. Our new single “I Need” is dropping on U&A Records on May 30 which is our biggest single to date I reckon. We’re very excited about this one!

Jimi: Yeah check it out!

“Rack Em” was a huge tune, probably our favorite, how was the feeling of getting praise from some insane names in dance? Was it thought of when you finished the tune in the studio?

Jimi: Rack Em was an interesting one, we both loved it when we wrote it but actually thought it was going to be a bit difficult to play. It has quite a unique sound which is really cool, but I don’t think we realised that it would connect with so many people across so many genres. It’s still getting spun too, we saw Djedjotronic play it at Fabric on the weekend so it’s nice that it has some longevity to it.

What are your influences at the moment, anything in particular?

Jimi: We have such diverse influences. Right now we’re really loving the PLUR rave vibe that you can hear on “I Need”, and lots of the stuff coming out on labels like Lectroluv and Boys Noize records. I guess that sort of explains where our techno inspired electro sound is coming from!

When will we see you guys back in oz?

Max: I’m back for my sister’s wedding in July if that counts! Haha. But at the moment we might be touring Aus next year with a pair of DJs that we have alot of love for, but I can’t say anything else because it’s far from confirmed right now…

Besides yourselves, any artists you think we should be looking out for in 2011/12?

Jimi: NT89, Modek…. it’s going to be a big 12 months for Mumbai Science too I reckon.

Max: Look out for TWR72’s latest EP, proper rave in there. And the usual suspects are always making great tracks: Tony Senghore, Style Of Eye, Djedjotronic.. on a more electro tip Angger Dimas and the new Afrojack + Bobby Burns tracks. 

What would you guys be doing if it wasn’t music?

Jimi: Ride my bike, I was a bike messenger before moving to London. The roads are waaay crazier over here though!

Max: I’d sink my teeth properly into mobile app development. At the moment I do iPhone development for a day job, but if the music wasn’t there I’d have to just go full on with it and try and make some decent coin.

Time for a little bit of fun… Funniest story whilst behind the decks or on tour?

Max: What goes on tour stays on tour! Hmmm… I think the funniest moment behind the decks, in retrospect anyway, was dropping Unfold for the first time ever and the fire alarm going off and cutting all power just before the beat dropped. Then trying to play it again and the fire alarm doing the same thing. Just wasn’t meant to be…

Jimi: Yeah that sucked at the time! We got told to turn down the music when we played at KOKO the other week, apparently the bar staff couldn’t hear peoples drink orders. You’d think they’d be used to it by now!

2012 – end of the world? your thoughts haha

Jimi: Wasn’t the world supposed to end the other saturday? I did like how the atheists were throwing post-armageddon parties, now all the religious crazies were gone.

Max: I was old enough to see the y2k thing come and go with no problems… I was looking out at the Brisbane city lights as midnight struck and was so disappointed when nothing happened. I think 2012 will be a similar anti climax.

Jimi: It’ll make for a great New Years party anyways.

Finally, any words for your fans back home?

Max: We love you!

Jimi: Hi mum!

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