TWR72 Interview!

I found these guys not to long ago through some soundcloud boredom. These guys aren’t newcomers but have recently taken off after a few releases and what else can we say but WOW!

Hey guys, Thanks for your time. How did you guys get together to for TWR72? We already dj-ed together since 2003/2004. In that time we were called The Walk & Rogerseventytwo. In 2009 we decided to refresh both ourselves and our sound. Our name was to long and to difficult so we made an abbreviation to TWR72.

Do you guys mostly have a live set up or do you guys use decks? How do you prepare for your sets? We do both. We started developing our live-set last year, but we think we can still improve it a lot. We are used to dj-ing which is a whole different thing than performing live. We need to fine-tune our liveshow in the upcoming months to make it more ‘live’ and challenging for ourselves. As for our dj sets, we don’t prepare our sets anymore. We both have our own taste in music and we trust each other on it. And the slightly different taste we have is good for the dynamics of the set. The only preparation we need is a minute before our set to decide which track we’re going to start with, which depends on the atmosphere.

How did you guys get into producing and what DAW do you use? Any favorite plug-ins? Roger was already producing since 2000 or something. You couldn’t even call it producing yet I guess. Anyway. In 2009 we started making music together which was the right decision at the right moment. We use Logic 8 for our productions. And we recently started working with the new plugin made by Errorsmith (one of our favorite producers), called Razor. It really has a huge sound and it’s the first plugin which looks good too!

What has it been like getting so much support in what seemed a matter of months? It’s amazing. There isn’t a bigger honour if people who we look up to like and play our music. Especially when you think that most of those guys were, and still are, big inspirations for us. Now we hope we can inspire them as much as they inspire us.

What have you guys got coming up next production wise? There is a lot of exciting stuff in the agenda for us which we cannot talk about because it’s not 100% confirmed yet. What we can say is that we’re working hard on new originals at the moment and we have some interesting remixes coming up as well.

“Summer of 91 (acid version)” is an incredible track! Have you been happy with the response? Definitely. It was a bit of a risk for us to release Summer, because it’s a more housy track in our opinion. It didn’t really fit the style we were looking for anymore. We made the track in the summer of 2010 but everywhere we played it the response from the people was huge. That’s why we decided to go for it. And so far so good!

Which tune has been your favorite to work on so far? I think both Tunnel and Future Tool, because both tracks were born in a couple of hours and also finished in a couple of hours. The cool part of Tunnel is that it only has 3 layers. The synth, the kickdrum and the highhats. We tried to create a track out of minimal elements and blow it up to a maximal track. And it was amazing this was the first track that gained so much support from everyone!

When will we see TWR72 in Australia? We would love to go to Australia. So I guess you’ll see us when you are up for it. Because we’re European, and therefore the journey is expensive, we need a lot of gigs to make it more profitable for the clubs. So people in Australia, shout for us!

Any words for your fans down under? Yeah, thanks for the support and keep doing it. We’ll try not to disappoint you. O, and can you explain us why almost every Koala bear has Chlamydia?

If Anyone has the answer to that last questions please pop it in a comment below haha, Also make sure you go check out their FACEBOOK and tunes above.

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