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Disco Fries Interview!


Disco Fries have remixed the hits and constantly turned them into bass thumping dance anthems! Hopefully we will see them in Australia soon, but until then, this is what they are up to.

You guys have accomplished so much already in your career, did you ever picture yourself being here when you first started out?

Nick: When we met up in college, we just started making records for the fun of it and eventually found our direction as a duo. It was always our goal to bring our music to as many people as possible so I’d say we definitely envisioned things moving forward. With that said, we’re super grateful for all of the opportunities that have come our way thus far. Its been amazing to work with all of the artists we have remixed and collaborated with this year.

In short for everyone cause it seems a question you get asked a lot. You guys met at Berklee Music College and the name came after eating in Jersey. Was their anything in particular that made you choose the path into studying music and making that your life?

Danny: I knew towards the end of high school that I wanted to do something in the music industry but hadn’t really gotten into the EDM scene at all. It wasn’t until I got to college that I was exposed to this music and began learning the software we used early on. I’ve always been interested in computers/tech stuff so messing around with synth and the whole sound design process was a big part of what propelled me into EDM.

Nick: I grew up playing keys, producing hip-hop and had a small independent label prior to college so I always knew this would be my profession. It was a natural step going on to study music and taking this on professionally. As much as I learned in college, having a partner to bounce ideas off of keeps you thinking and learning what works and what doesn’t. There is nothing more priceless than someone who will keep it real with you.

What are you guys got coming up production wise?

Nick: We’ve got a whole bunch of exciting projects coming up including our official worldwide release of “Killer”, our single featuring Clinton Sparks (Interscope Records) on Central Station Records. We also have a record with Honorebel titled “Party On” and our single “Born to Fly” featuring Niles Mason  hat will be out this summer hopefully. In addition to those singles,  we have records with Jeremy Carr, Gary Pine, Tommie Sunshine, Hyper Crush, and Far East Movement to name a few, so we’re psyched to finally get some original material out there. We’ve tried to build ourselves a following by giving the fans, DJs, and blogs  a lot of our music for free (which we’ll continue to do) and its established a great community of friends who have supported our work tremendously.

Now, every duo is different, We are one as well. Is there more of a Dominant Producer or DJ out of the two of you, or do you guys do everything together?

Danny: It kinda depends on what type of project we’re working on. I prefer to do more of the House/Electro stuff where I can go a bit harder and Nick has more sensibility when it comes to the top 40 leaning records. We usually start ideas up individually and bounce them back and forth until we like the overall idea and then we’ll get up to finish it off. We both have strengths and weaknesses as producers so it’s helpful to sit together and find a balance between the two of us.

You two have worked with a ton of huge names like Fatman Scoop, DJ Class, Flo-Rida, etc… Who was/is the most fun to work with?

Nick: Scoop and Class are both awesome. Come in your house and chill on the couch with your dog, awesome.

Danny: Recently, we’ve been in the studio with Tommie Sunshine a lot too and it’s been a lot of fun working with him.

Its obvious you guys kill it with remixes, do you guys prefer remixing to making originals?

Danny: No preference really but going back and forth between the two is best. When we do an original, we start with a blank slate. It’s great to have that kind of freedom but, at the same time, it can be really difficult. It’s easy to lose focus if we don’t set restictions and think about where we want the track to go. Remixes provide structure from the start but then you have to do something creative and new with it.

When will we see Disco Fries back in Australia?

Nick: Actually we haven’t been there yet, but our first release with Central Station (based in Australia) is due soon so we expect to see you guys in just a few months!

Finally, any words for your fans down under?

Nick: Thank you and a big shout out to Dirtie Clouds for the support. Your name gives us hope for a green world and clean water.

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