Introducing – After Opening


Refrigerate After Opening. A common term we hear everyday, probably in the kitchen, but soon to be a name around every room of a household is five-piece rock/indie band, After Opening. Despite the mean age of After Opening being 16, these young lads provide an electric, soothing and truly unique sound, drawing from influences including Angus and Julia Stone, Birds of Tokyo and Bon Iver.

The boys started their music journey by ‘mucking around’ for a group music assessment, thus leading them to attempt to write sounds and enter Triple J Unearthed High, and this was the main reason for starting the band. New on the scene after only a month or so on the Unearthed circuit, the boys are ecstatic with the response they have had from friends, their school and strangers on the interweb. Their most interesting musical experience thus far was waking up on a Monday morning to being 4th of the Triple J Indie Charts.

This contemporary guitar pop band, with sprinkles of rock and clear indie tendencies would love to play more gigs around Brisbane and currently have a gig at Emerge on the 21st of May. The priority for After Opening at the moment is to record more songs and compile them into an epic EP, which has been revealed to DirtieClouds that it will be free of charge for their swarm of fans and followers.

This band is definitely something you will not want to store in the refrigerator and before getting a chance to preserve the taste of After Opening, you will have already gorged on the sound they keep fresh all on their own.

Check out their foot-tapping beats HERE.

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