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Botnek Interview!

How did Botnek come to be and was your unique sound intend or did it just happen?
Botnek is Gordon (me) and Erick, we met in 2008 at a party I was DJing at.  We just hit it off talking about Ableton actually. Sent each other some demos, and just started sharing lots of ideas, and then eventually starting DJing together and producing tracks. In the beginning we were making bassline music, listening to a lot of Herve and UK wobble garage stuff. At some point just got tired of that sound, and our style came from just experimenting and making tones of tracks!

You’ve recently released your new EP “Plonk”, How has the reception been so far?
So far it’s been incredible!  Some of the people giving us feedback have been people we’ve been looking up to for years! Annie Mac, Crookers, Sinden, Kissy Sell Out, AC Slater… names we’ve been following since we started producing together.  Feels amazing to have the people you respect in the industry be down with your stuff!

Whats coming up next on the production cards for you guys?
We’ve been getting overwhelmed with remixes, and have done maybe a dozen now?  We just want to stop remixing for a while and go into working on our follow up to Plonk.  We have some demos already done, and we’re thinking we’ll definitely be one upping it!
Trying to move into more techno vibes, but still having our tropical sounds

How has it been for you guy receiving praise from Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Kissy Sellout?
Ya! We grew up in a small city, and the scene we followed was the UK scene, so we listened to a lot of Radio 1, trying to hear new sounds.  Hearing Annie Mac talk about us was kinda surreal, having listened to her show for years.  So ya, absolutely stoked that we been getting some shine on Radio 1, and it’s been opening a lot of doors.  So many people have been introduced to us from hearing us there.  Incredible.

When will we see Botnek in Australia, and what tours have you guys got coming up?
We’d love to come!  We’ve had some interest to do some dates, stay tuned! 
Right now we’re working on organizing a UK/Europe tour through Muck Me DJ Agency ( for later this summer.  Looking good so far, if anyone is interested in seeing us this summer definitely hit them up!

On a less personal note, Whats your top 5 records at the moment?
Love these questions.  OK let’s see here, the most played tunes in my iTunes from last week:
Julio Bashmore – “Battle For Middle You”
Prince Club – “Body Holly”
Jaylib – “The Red”
LOL Boys – “123”
Elektropusher – “18%”

Besides yourself, any artists you think we should be on the look out for in 2011/12?
Prince Club, from Montreal, are doing huge things right now.  Every time I run into Max he’s on some bigger and bigger shit.  This year will hopefully be big for us, but it’ll definitely be big for those boys!

Finally, any words for your fans Down Under?
Ya! Thanks for all the support from our homies in aussie!
Hopefully we’ll be down this year to come party!

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