Artist Interviews

Canblaster Interview!

We welcome another member of Club Cheval.. Canblaster! With an extremely unique style and outstanding productions there is no doubt Canblaster will be making us dance for many years to come.

First of, you get asked about this track a lot but your remix of Drop the Lime’s “Hot as Hell”. Were you on acid when you made that? Where did the ideas for that remix come from? One , right after we founded Club Cheval, Myd and I did this beat together with the horse sound, but never finished it. The beat haunted me for a while … So when Drop the Lime sent me this track to remix, with a Rockabilly feel, I knew it was time bring this horse idea back ! I mixed with a few other influences, like Jeff Mills or dj MikeQ. The flute break was inspirated by Enio Morricone and Cowboy Bebup.

Where also chatting with Sam Tiba on the blog later on, you are both part of Club Cheval along with Panteros666 & Myd, how did you guys all meet and whats the big goal? We met in Lille, in the north of France about one year ago, first Myd and we started DJing together, and Sam Tiba and Panteros666 a few month later. Then we all moved to Paris.

To the production side now, Analogue or Digital? and why? I like both, that’s how I manage to get these particular synth sounds, its a mixing of both. Im just more used to turn real knobs and play melodies instead of clicking them with a mouse, you can feel it a lot more.

Whats been your favorite track to work on so far? So far, probably that remix for Boys Noise and Erol Alkan I just finished. At first they wanted me to remix Lemonade, but I asked them if it was possible to remix avalanche instead, it gave me better ideas, and they were down for it. So I played the bass of the original with a kick, then built something around the vocal of Jarvis Cocker. The parts were really hi quality to work on, can’t wait to see it released !

Are you working on anything at the moment? Right now Im in the studio with the other Club Cheval guys, workin on a live band project and an album. Also working on a few collabs, with French Fries, Riton, Crookers … And I got this remix for french fam Donovans with Sam Tiba and one with Myd of Shlaxofbronx. Just finished remixes for the Count & Sinden and Funkin Matt & Teki Latex. Finally Im working on my 3rd EP, for Marble (Para One, Surkin & Bobmo’s new label) and the B-side with Sam Tiba.

When will we see Canblaster back in Australia? Soon I hope ! I think we have a tour planned with Sam Tiba at the end of the year.

Whats been your favorite memory whilst behind the decks or on tour? I really enjoyed playing in San Fransisco, open-minded city ! Had good time in New York too, hosted by the T&B crew, met Anna Lunoe out there too, large up to her. Otherwise, had a crazy time in Egypt recently with Myd. Riding Camels through the Pyramids, negociating in the market … And the Egyptian crowd was quite ahrd to get but in the end it was amazing, could spin a few weird stuff !

Any advice would you give the kids wanting to get into music? Yea, dont rush up and send demos before you think you really think you have your sound. Ive been producing since like college, and it took me 6 years to finally be happy with what I did. Oh and some say a good tune is one good idea developped all over a track. I think it’s true although I rarely do this myself …

Finally, any words for your fans in OZ? Hope I’ll be coming soon, Myd told me amazing things about Australia ! Large Up to Anna Lunoe that I met

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