Anita fixes a dull day!

Evening Minions. Given the dull and ugly day that Brisbane brings us today, here is something small and colorful that I hope will brighten your day a little.

And an extra something for the ladies that are reading this, here is a great simple idea to brighten up your room, that would probably take less than a minute to do! Buy some cheap vases (I got some from IKEA for around $1 each) and buy some cute cheap fake flowers (also from IKEA from around 50cents), cut the stems if they are too long, like so, and place them nicely on a window sill, in your bathroom, whatever. Viola. Something nice to brighten up your day everyday!

also you guys should be mad bitches and like this, as me and a friend is trying to raise $$ for charity, click the link for more dets, your help will be greatly appreciated ❤ – Click here!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend 🙂

Anita x

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