Our Picks For Creamfields!

As many of you are aware, Creamfields is on our doorstep! So we thought we would tell you our top picks of the day and who you should not miss! Our picks are highlighted with the Set list below! Check it out and please leave a comment if you think we missed out someone! (There will be clashes in our picks but you can always see half/half or whatever..)

Creamfields Stage
8:30pm – Deadmau5 – little bit disappointing at Stereo (09) but hopefully he brings it this year!
8:00pm – Grant Smillie
7:00pm – SkrillexFirst time in Brisbane, Should be awesome!
6:00pm – Chuckie
5:00pm – Martin Solveig
4:45pm – Wynter Gordon
3:45pm – Bingo PlayersSecond time in Brisbane in a short time but they are always dropping bangers!
2:45pm – Dada LifeNo Words Needed!
2:00pm – Tonite Only
1:00pm – Nick Galea –  One of the Best Aussie Dj’s going around at the moment.
12:00pm – Daniel Webber

9:00pm – Jeremy Iliev & Tim Plunkett
7:30pm – Surkin
6:30pm – NadastromBrought it at Mono Last Year! So good!
5:30pm – Mumbai Science
4:00pm – Round Table KnightsPersonally our favorite set of 2011 so far! F#cking amazing! MUST SEE!
3:00pm – Danny T
2:00pm – Shore Cut Kids
1:00pm – Disco Entertainment DJs
12:00pm – Wahoo & Murray Brown

Cream – Personally not that into Trance, but if you are, this will be the place to be!
8:30pm – Tranceducer
7:00pm – Simon Patterson
5:30pm – Gabriel & Dresden
4:30pm – Skazi
3:00pm – Bart Claessen
2:00pm – F & E
1:00pm – Dynasty
12:00pm – Karma

9:00pm – Stretch
7:00pm – Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May
5:30pm – Umek
4:00pm – Sandwell District
2:30pm – Tim Green – Amazing!
1:45pm – Jason Hasell/Nick Leask
1:00pm – Scott Walker
12:30pm – Rave Radio
12:00pm – Matt Kitshon/Ben Hopkins

Red Bull – For all your local needs, must go there on the day!
9:00pm – Benibee & Morgan Baker
8:00pm – Jmac & Killafornia
7:00pm – Shaun Warner
6:00pm – Noy vs K.Oh! – Both killing it right now!
5:00pm – Trav White
4:00pm – CtrlAltDel DJs
3:00pm – Brett J vs Jimmy Vegas
2:00pm – Teejay/Dylan Korver
1:30pm – James Nicholson
1:00pm – Disco Entertainment DJs

And again, these are our personal picks! Don’t get angry! Comment below if your digging someone else and we may put your comment alongside the artist 🙂 For maps and all other info check out www.creamfields.com.au

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