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Drop The Lime Competition!

Drop The Lime! He is coming back down under to heat us up once again. We have got copies of his “Hot as Hell” EP to give away thanks to ONELOVE. All you have to do is jump on our new fan page and write “I love Drop The Lime” – Jump to the page – HERE! oh and here is a Q&A we did 🙂

You recently played at Ultra Music Festival with AC Slater, How did that go? too much fun. we played back 2 back. always a good time DJng with my bass brother AC.

Are you looking forward to your Australia Tour, where was your favorite destination last year? I love it in Australia! last year was crazy, so I am excited to see whats in store this trip.

You’ve had amazing success with your “Hot as Hell” EP. Any other productions in the works? Cheers! Ive got a full length coming out in the fall.. similar styles to Hot As Hell… bringing in a full live band thing this year as well.

Just want to get a bit deeper into your history now, how was Drop the Lime created and what is the story behind the name? The sun fell slowly and the night crept long. The shadows of the dark swept sonics into the clubs and the citie s howled with music.

I ask this to a few artists cause its always interesting. Any funny moments or unique stories whilst behind the decks or on tour? One time in bangkok the party got so rowdy, and was so packed, that the entire deck setup fell over ontop of me.. the Cdjs stayed plugged in and everyone danced ontop of the mess. it was ridiculous.

We are giving away 5 hard copies of “Hot As Hell” Ep thanks to the guys at onelove, what do you think people should do to win? Girls should dress in their best 50’s pin up style, best outfit wins.

You have a lot of fans down under and tones of DJ’s who play your tunes, what advice would you give to those looking to make it in music? Stick to your guns. keep doing what you believe in.

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