Artist Interviews

Sam Tiba Interview!

Sam Tiba, A member of Club Cheval, A extremely talented man who hasn’t been producing for very long but already creating a name for himself. So Please check out his shit cause it is Awesome!

1. Your also a member of Club Cheval, will that group grow as the years grow on? Where is it headed? Club Cheval basically is a crew of producers, djs, and (this is the most important) BEST FRIENDS. We have all been helping each other for the two last years, touring together, etc. It made the links even stronger, and now we are a real family. Club Cheval is now turning into a real band, with an album and a live show coming up in 2012.

2. You have a remix of Bust Em Up (DrGonzo) which is coming out soon, Was that a fun track to work on? Panteros 666 was commissioned to do an official remix. I was not. Stole the parts from him, did that remix, Crookers loved it, so it’s getting released. Was much fun as I really love that vocal sample. You can fuck it up, pitch it up, pitch it down, it always sounds good, so it gives you huge possibilities. I did that stupid bass that is working like WOW in the club. I’m pretty glad with this remix, cause I’ve done that in like 4 hours. Sometimes it feels good not to think too much about how you should do a remix. I wanted to do this kind of beat, I did it, it works. Mission accomplished.

3. Your set with Canblaster got massive praise when you did Australia’s Triple J mix up, Is their any secret ingredient to your sets? how do you keep them fresh? I’m really used to mix with Canblaster. We are doing a lot of back2backs here in Europe, so we have a lot of automatisms.  This mix was based on Canblaster EP. So we decided to follow the four tempos of the EP : 130 bpm, 140, 160, and 180. It felt really good cause that’s something I try to do for a long time in my sets.  I love switching styles very often, going from techno to Rap, then to Juke, back to traditional house, and so on…I like tricking the public and seeing them intrigued by the way I use the time I got.  I keep my sets fresh the way almost every dj does. I listen to music all the time, trying to find the beats that fit my style the most. Whether it’s a mainstream hit or an absolute niche jam, I don’t care. I’m all about VIBES.

4. Whats on the productions cares for you at the moment? I have stopped making remixes since january. I’ve done so many of them (most of the remixes I’ve done haven’t been released yet) last year that I needed a break to express my own ideas through original productions. I’ve done a lot of new tracks for three months, and you should expect two or three EPs by me this year. One of them will be released on Marble, Surkin’s new imprint. Oh and I’ve just finished my first remix in ages for the best Australian artist in my opinion, LUCID. His EP coming up on Nighshifters should put him on the list of great producers blowing up in OZ.  To sum up, I’m the most discrete Club Cheval member when it comes to releases and stuff, but I’m working hard. I’ll invade the internets soon enough.

5. Now on your Soundcloud, it says you are always high? is that true? and funny stories? If you remember them.. Yes it’s true. Weed is a big part of my life. I really think people could feel it just by listening to my tracks. And sorry for the funny stories, my memory is kinda fucked up, I don’t even know what year this is…I’m sure 2007 is gonna be a great year !

6. When will we see Sam Tiba in Australia? You will see me this year hopefully. I’ll buy tropical shorts and flip flops to fit the people there. We’ll drink VB together. Gonna be good time, as I should come with Canblaster pretty soon.

7. Any advice for the kids out there looking to get into music? Yes. Advices for the young and the old. Don’t wait too long to start producing. I’ve been deejaying for many years, but started producing only a year and a half ago. I may have lost a bit of time. Also, don’t pay attention to what’s working or not. Try to make your ideas become real. Ideas are the most important thing when it comes to music. Ideas > Technical Skills. Remember this equation. Oh and of course, listen to music of any kind, any geographical origin. That may be sounding like an absolute cliché, but there are only two categories : good and bad music.

8. Finally, any words for your fans down under? Wait for me. Thanks for the love. And lend me a patch of blue sky.

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