Sharkslayer! Easy Prey!

Sharkslayer presents their first compilation on Top Billin, titled ‘Easy Prey’. 14 tracks from the already massive back catalogue of one the most profilic artists on Top Billin Music. Recommended for those who like their house twisted and bass heavy. These tracks have been supported over the months by most of the big players from Malente to Kissy Sellout and from Sinden to Fake Blood, so definitely something to bang at dancefloors.

Sharkslayer have come hard and strong with a string of releases and remixes on labels including Trouble & Bass, Dubsided, Southern Fried, Kitsune, Cheap Thrills, Man Recordings, No Brainer, Lektroluv and Stretch Armstrong’s Plant Music, as well as regular releases on their home label Top Billin Music. All this in only a little over a year, so it’s no wonder they’ve caused a bigger reaction that a great white in the childrens’ pool.

Easy Prey Compilation Tracklist
1 Hammerhead (original mix)
2 Hammerhead (dub)
3 Hunting Theme (original mix)
4 Who Is He (original mix)
5 Touch It (original mix)
6 Touch It (dub)
7 So Sincere (original mix)
8 Critters (original mix)
9 Scavengers (original mix)
10 Skanking (original mix)
11 Fleshlighter (original mix)
12 Bad Ding (original mix)
13 I’ll Be Around (original mix)
14 Cold As Ice (original mix) 

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