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HEY NOW! Mix & Chat!

These guys have been destroying the east coast with their infamous “Hey Now Raves”. If you have never been to one, you haven’t lived! We caught up with Rose from Hey Now when he was in Brisbane last and thought he could answer a few questions and fill us in on his direction, also he has unleashed a mix upon us full or Originals, Remixes and other amazing tunes which you can expect from a typical Hey Now set. Make sure you catch these guys next time their up.

Hey Now Rave’s have taken off in Brisbane, what’s your secret recipe to your amazing sets? I think the key is including your audience, making them feel like they are part of the night and it’s success, which they obviously are. I think we’re incapable of ignoring a crowd and interacting with them when we play, brings a very personal feel to what we do.

When will we see Hey Now Conquering the globe? HAH. Soon i hope, getting pretty sick of eating cheese and crackers for dinner. We’d like to take the Hey Now Rave to a level where we can jump in a van with our favourite DJs and play a show in as many places as possible around Australia. Overseas would be a great adventure, but we’d only be happy in heading overseas when we’ve worked hard enough in OZ for the original fans to want us to return. No point going otherwise.

Top 5 records at the moment? So much good new music coming out at the moment. “Build A Rocket Boys” by Elbow has completely taken over my life at the moment, that band is beyond amazing in everything they do. “The King Of Limbs” by Radiohead took some serious time to sink in to but was well worth it. The “Hanna” soundtrack by Chemical Brothers shows just why they are the greatest electronic group of all time in my opinion, their versatility astounds me. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West is like an ode to Black Sabbath, but is our “go-to” album when Hayden and myself are driving to any gigs. “The King is Dead” by The Decemberists proves they can’t write a bad song, and honorable mention goes to Mogwai for fueling my post rock obsession. Can you tell i’m obsessed with music? We spend alot of time on planes…these help.

Any Other Aussie artists you think we should look out for in 2011 other than yourselves.. One name….Leaderboy….mark my words. Cadillac are a group to keep an eye on aswell. DJ wise…no one is putting it down more than Ember, Elmo Is Dead, Sampology, Devola and easily the best DJ i’ve ever seen play in my life….Isbjorn.

Finally, any words for your fans in Brissy? Brisbane…this is hard for me…i’m not good with my emotions. You mean more to us than we can ever express. We were treading water in the bullshit that is the politics of the Sydney scene, and you came and taught us how to have fun again. For that….we are forever in your debt.


Tracklist to the mix above:

1. Hey Now – The Word
2. Grafton Primary – Records For The Righteous (Hey Now Remix)
3. Cassette Kids – Lying Around (Hey Now Remix)
4. Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Hey Now Remix)
5. Hey Now – Bring That (Brain Matters Remix)
6. Art Vs Science – Parlez Vous Francais? (Hey Now Remix)
7. Golden Silvers – True Romance (Hey Now Remix)
8. Snob Scrilla – There You Go Again (Hey Now Remix)
9. Missy Elliott – Gossip Folk (Hey Now Remix)
10. Hey Now – Murder (Vocal Cut)
11. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Hey Now & Elmo Is Dead Remix)
12. Luki – Bounce (Hey Now Remix)
13. Hey Now – Parafin feat. Foreign Beggars
14. Foamo – Moving It Over There (Hey Now Remix)
15. Wolfmother – New Moon Rising (Hey Now Remix)
16. Itch-E & Scratch-E – Electric Baby (Hey Now Remix)
17. Cassette Kids – Freaky Sweetie (Hey Now Remix)
18. Depeche Mode – In Chains (Hey Now Remix)
19. Hey Now – Babia Major

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