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Introducing Breakdown!


Firstly, we shall bring it back to the beginning. How did you guys get introduced to Dj’ing and making music? Funny story actually. Matt got into electronic music when he was you a young teenager, introduced me (Josh) a little after that and the rest is history (not a well read one, but it did happen!). Matt started getting into production (Nothing serious) in these years and I got into DJing when I could afford to buy my first turntable. From there Matt was on and off exploring music and I started DJing out at one point and was out playing here and there in LA and a few other cities. I was throwing breaks parties and came across a remix project which I approached Matt with. It turned out to be a good partnership as we both had strengths and could really work off one another in the studio to craft our sound till this very day.

You guys have been in the scene for a little while but just hit a bit more fame with your remix of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”, they even made another trailer with your remix in the background. How has that all been for you guys, do you see you name in more and more places etc? We definitely have been around the block for a bit, but this has all come about and was very unexpected. Who knew that we would later remix Daft Punk, it get licensed by Disney, and used to advertise a large budget movie?!?! Kinda just blows our fragile little minds honestly. We are very stoked and do see our tunes around a lot more these days. End result is a better platform to get the music that us nerds work on out to more people. That is really our goal in producing music anyways, so one step forward right!

Your soundcloud would have to be one of the busiest i’ve ever seen, has it all been a lot of hard work getting to where you guys are now or has it all come naturally over time? First off, thanks for the compliment… We like you too! On the real, it’s been a lot of hard work crafting the production and engineering end of the tunes and building a reputation. Things have grown organically, but we definitely are active on every front and really just work on getting our music to your ears 😉

You guys have played all around the place, what has been your highlight gig so far and where would be your dream gig? We are trying to play all over, bit by bit really. So far the craziest party we’ve played at has to be the Electric Daisy Carnival 2010. It was just epic in every sense of the word. Our dream gig would be something like that, but more peak time set. We would like to eventually play more gigs like that if the opportunity and demand allows for it (Would be pretty awesome!).

What has been your funniest moment before, after or while you have been on the decks? This answer is questionable, but i have one thing that was pretty funny and comes to mind. Several years ago (Pre-Breakdown), I (Josh) was djing at a big rave about 2am-ish and I accidently set something on the power block switch so the whole dj setup powered down. The party was mental and had a really good vibe. Seeing everyone’s face for that 30 seconds while the music was off was so funny!! The music was back on and we ragged more after that, but it was definitely an odd moment in time.

Now that 2010 has been and gone, What was your favorite track of the year, and the worst? It’s hard to put your finger on one track for the whole year as your favorite, but its even harder to pick the worst. The ratio of good to bad is very heavy on the latter of the two. I will however give you some artists who shined this year in the “Breakdown book of artists who shined in 2010” (There is no actual physical book). For the year of 2010, we commend these great artists (Sorry if you are not on here, we’re just name some): Beataucue, Bart B More, Angger Dimas, Will Bailey, Peo De Pete, Dada Life, Oliver Twizt, The Squatters, The Aston Shuffle, Luvstuff, Yuksek, Laidback Luke, Wolfgang Gartner, Tai, MC Flipside, DCUP, Sidechains, Porter Robinson, Calvertron, Dan Aux, Urchins, Dem Slackers, Reset!, and Nom De Strip among others!

What is coming up for you guys in 2011, more monstrous remix on cards or more originals? 2011 should be an interesting year for team Breakdown. We’ve got some remixes together already for Sneakerz Muzik which have been going down really well in our sets, a remix of Peacetreay’s “Cal State Anthem” for Dim Mak that should be making it to a speaker to you real soon and our original “Zwiggy” which will be out in the next couple weeks. We are currently working on a remix of Plump DJ’s “Light Fantastic” (Sounds awesome so far!), and some more originals. We really want to focus on originals and sorta just went on a remix binge since we generally can just crank tunes out and love re-tweeking audio pieces into new creations. The best way to keep up to date on our tunes is definitely following us on soundcloud and/or like us on our facebook page (Look for links below??).

Your first remix competition, you won! which is an achievement in itself. Any advice for all the kids going to have a whirl? We were pretty shocked when we got the email as we did not expect to hear anything back. I personally pooped my pants (Josh) over and over again until I was empty and had to reload for more pooping. The only advice I can give to your remix contest entry’s is to make sure you have food on hand incase you win and you need to poop yourself like I did (Relentlessly of course). In all honesty, have fun with it. That is when you come up with the best material and don’t be to hard on yourself and get stuck on one part of the track for a long period of time. That will ultimately lead to you either breaking something via frustration or make the song unattractive to you in terms of working on it.

Finally, if you guys where stuck on a little island with everything on it, what would be the one thing you would remove? Isn’t this question supposed to be the other way around?? Kind of like this twist on the classic, cleaver. I would say lets remove nagging from the equation of life. It would lead to the happiness of all although will mainly go unnoticed by the masses or small masses on the island.

Any words for your fans down under?

Dear Aussy fans of BREAKDOWN, we want to rock your world, eat kangaroo steaks, go to your zoo and over all satisfy the dream we have have to visit our long lost family members who moved to Sydney over 100 years ago. We suggest you get Breakdown tattoos, tell promoters you want to see us perform, light objects on fire, pass our music onto your friends, jump up and down relentlessly, “Like” us on facebook, have casual sex to our Derezzed remix and follow us on soundcloud. We think with these crucial steps will work towards getting us in your area!

Check out there facebook page HERE! and their website HERE!

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