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The Subs Interview

The subs live shows are something have to be seen to be believed. They always have the crowd in the palm of their hand and take them on the biggest fist pumping journey you can have in an hour or so. They are our pick for this weekends Future Music Festival! We will not be missing them for the world and we think you shouldn’t either. Check out our chat with them below and be sure to check them out.

First off, i would like to start with your collab with Party Harders “The Pope is Dope” video, what was the inspiration to think of one of the most random and insane film clips I’ve ever scene?
Party hard in one night and make a crazy video. haha. We did it with our good friend and Paris party crasher Mathieu Danet. So”The Subs”, “Party Harders” and the new young prince of the Paris nightlife “Born to Film” make a video together … what do u expect?

Another thing, i heard awhile ago, you traveled in extreme amount of distance on scooters to paris? 16 hours or such? Was there any reason behind it, or just a spontaneous adventure?
Well, we had to go and play at Social Club in Paris that evening and since we needed a video for My Punk at that time we just had the idea of strapping 3 cameras to each of our helmets, and drive there on a moped. It was an experiment, haha. But along the way we got sooooo bored, i mean, driving with an average speed of 30km/hr, it takes like 16 hrs to get there. We started at 6 in the morning, so around 2 in the afternoon, we started to drive into shops, cemetries, peoples gardens and stuff… We actually were held by the French police for driving into a shopping mall at peak time, but we still got there just in tme for the gig, haha. Of course, that incident made the video in a way, but  we almost lost all our footage. We were so lucky we could recover everything.

Alright, down to the music business, you released Subculture which was amazing! Your about to release a record, tell us about that and what can we expect?

About half of the past 730 days we’ve spent in our studio, 45 demo’s were made. About 28 hours were spent discussing the definitive, 11 songs counting tracklist of our new album “Decontrol”. Chaos was the main inspiration: All creativity is born out of chaos. When you allow yourself to give up control, unexpected, beautiful things happen. “Decontrol” is much less a ‘Fuck You’ Album than Subculture, and more an ‘I’d like to fuck you’ album.

Were do your find your inspiration behind your unique sound and what are you guys using in your studio?

The simplest thing can be inspiring, it’s often the way you look at it. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder anyway so …. of course we listen a lot to music, that is an obvious and direct inspiration. And with 2 DJ’s in a band, there’s always discussions about the latest sounds and stuff … In the studio we use a lot of old analogue stuff. We are addicts of messy, unstable sounding machines with character. Our synths are the diva’s of the Subs hahaha

Your coming down under to smash us at Future Music Festival all across Australia and we are privileged to be playing at the same festival in Brisbane, what will we be hearing in your festival set? and any plans outside of the festival whilst in Australia?

We’re going to play a lot of new tunes but also stick with some of our old singles like Mitsubitchi, and Kiss My Trance. We’ll try not to vomit on stage, get ourselves locked up in jail, get our pants ripped off by the crowd. BUT we will make love to the audience. Because it’s our first time in Australia. And thus our lovemaking will be fresh and sparkling ….

When you guys are unleashing on the loyal subs fans, what is your desired set-up up on stage?

We are a band. We play live. But we bring electronic music. So we bring synths and keytars and laptops and ribbon controller and filters and so on and so on … But most of all we bring our punky attitude and the desire to loose ourselves in the music …

I’ve seen a lot of crazy videos of you guys live, where has been your favorite show so far and anywhere that you would still dream to play?

We have a lot of great memories. Stage invasion at Pukkelpop, An overcrowded tent at Pukkelpop the year after where everybody in the audiance joined forces and filmed us a great video, a lot of small sweaty club shows all over Europe where gear got trashed, i even remember one gig where we got into a fight with the audience, hahah… Every show is holy and should be the best one yet! In that point of view there’s still a lot of unknown territory. I would love to play out in the jungle. Some big party in the middle of nowhere…

Finally, any words for your fans down under before we see you at Future Music Festival?

Prudence is a rich ugly old maid courted by incapacity ….

Cheers guys! thanks for your time!

Links – Facebookthesubs.beSoundcloud

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