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Dusty Kid Interview!

When you think of Dusty Kid, you think of “The Cat” and those crazy tunes! But things have changed and Dusty Kid has a new direction so we had to ask what he has been up to whats coming up next!

Firstly, Where did you get the name Dusty Kid from and how did you get into Producing and Dj’ing? A dusty kid for me is one of those poor children in western movies that used to clean cowboys boots. I’ve started making music when i was 7 or 8 with piano and violin lessons, but when i was 14 i got a small sequencer and i started getting interest in electronic music, but i Didn’t want to be a DJ, i wanted to be “who” produces records that DJs were playing

A lot of people first witnessed your name for Crookers remix of “The Cat”, how was the experience of having the monster Italian duo turn your already amazing tune into a Crookers Banger? Honestly, the cat was done 3 years before a label decided to publish it; i was more into noisy Electro stuff then, and Crookers didn’t exist yet (otherwise i would have been a fan of their sound!). but 3 years later, when the cat came out, my tastes and my production was very far from that kind of music, i was totally into techno and melodies, and i thought that all those noisy stuff including the cat suck. so i cant really answer your question!

Whats coming up on the production cards for Dusty Kid? A new album!  let’s call it “dusty kid II” for now.

When will we be seeing Dusty Kid down under? I hope really soon, last time I’ve been there it was last year for Mardi Gras and I really enjoyed!

Where has been your favorite destination so far and where would be your dream gig? For friend-reasons and stuff, i think my favorite destinations are japan, Brazil, Canada and Tel Aviv. I’d say France too, but fortunately i go there quite often so i don’t miss it too much as the other countries! My dream gig? my favorite club is still d.edge in Sao Paulo, but i went once to Watergate and Sven Vath was performing from the beginning to the end of the night, i loved it, so I’d like to do something like that once!

What gear did you first produce on and what are you using at the moment? My first Synth ever was a Roland d-50 borrowed from my uncle, then i bought a JP8000 and i decided that i needed the original Synth and not a replica, so i bought a Jupiter 6. now I’m in love with my Memorymoog

Now with 2010 been and gone, what has been your favorite track/tracks of year and the worst? That’s a good question. I’ve heard a track called Planitz proposal from a good artist called Langenberg, that could be my favorite club track of the year. The worst? 95% of the music that came out on Beatport: cold, souless, senseless.

Finally, any words for your fans down under? I hope ill be there back in days to let you hear my new album, and i really hope you’re gonna like it! Enjoy the summertime, here’s is winter and it sucks!!!!!

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One thought on “Dusty Kid Interview!

  1. Big UpS, awesome interview, enjoyed the whole thing, doesnt seem like dusty kid gets a lot of attention, but he totally deserves it, amazing producer. thanks yo!

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