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Flight Facilities Chat!

Flight Facilities have been going at an explosive rate towards stardom, we got hooked on their amazing single Crave You ft Giselle. After this we knew we had to get them on the blog so here we go!

Firstly, Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. You have huge success with Crave You ft Giselle! Whats coming up next for Flight Facilities in 2011? Lots more music we hope. We write at a snails pace so hopefully we can write something else with a similar success rate to Crave You. It’s a lot of pressure to be put under but as long as the music world isn’t too mutinous, we should be fine.

You guys have been at it for a little while now, how did it all start and has it all been smooth running? Our first release was in February 2009. Valentine’s day…. but who’s counting, right? We’ve been working together since the end of 2008. It was a lot easier working back then. Nobody knew anything about what we were doing, who we were and it was all just caution to the wind. Now we feel there’s some expectancy. That pressure can get to you but by no means has any of the road been smooth. We slave over tracks and remixes for months and months at a time. It’s almost always a painful process but just as rewarding. We’re obviously putting up a cool facade to hide the scars and tears.

Your have had a few leaks in the past with a couple of tracks, are your more tight with them now, or are rips working as a giant tease before the big release? Crave You wasn’t so much a leak as it was us thinking that nobody would care that much when they heard it. We haven’t had anything else crack the seems. The official version of the original wasn’t available until it was actually released so we feel like we had a minor victory there. That Aeroplane mixtape rip is still floating around to this day. A friend of ours remarked that it was probably a good thing. There was a minefield of unofficial rips. The official version ended up being easier to just get on iTunes. Score: 1 for the digital revolution!

Now, I’ve checked out your youtube vids and there was a funny mention of how you met your vocalist Giselle in kings cross. What are your chances of meeting another one and then topping charts? Is it weird that we’ve already met another of our vocalists in Kings Cross? Almost right next door. That place breeds attracts a lot of things – the last thing you’d expect would be talent. It just gives fuel to the old fire of “It’s in the last place you look”.

Many people heard of you from the Myer ad which i would love it Jennifer would dance along to my song haha, How was it having Crave you on television to millions? The concept of it all was great but we never got to see it. We had to Youtube it. We had friends who went to the races who were tearing their hair out because it played between every race or something. We were doing our European tour around that time and completely avoided it all. It was really exciting to know the song had reached that far. We loved the visuals of the ad too. Couldn’t have been happier about how it turned out. (Thanks Graz!)

Away from that song now, you guys have been to many destinations and spread flight facilities and many parts of the globe, has there been a favorite destination so far and where is your dream set? Perugia, Italy. We loved Europe and we’re SO keen to go back. Words can’t describe how beautiful Perugia is though. For anyone reading this, Google it and if you’re going to Europe, we can’t stress enough how much of a need there is to visit it. We’ll be returning there, gig or no gig.

Funnies moment whilst on tour? Getting blind drunk and buying a Buzz Light Year toy at a highway service station in Naples. It speaks Italian and now sits in our studio. It’s a constant reminder of how dangerous it is for us to leave a nightclub with money and a high blood-alcohol reading. We even have a video of the moment that we decided to purchase it. Embarrassing to say the least.
You guys are big fans of Aeroplane and have had the privilege of working with, any other acts you would love to collab with in the future? If we were shooting for the stars we’d love to do something with or for Daft Punk or The Chemical Brothers. They’re the original dance music legends. We hope it becomes a reality in the future. We need to serve our time first. It’s a long road.
Other than yourselves, is there anyone you feel that we should keep an eye on in 2011? Light Year. Everyone is finally catching on. It amazes us that people aren’t going bananas for these guys all around Australia. They work in a building in the same studio as us and they know how to make dance music. Even though Beni has been around for a couple of years, his album is going to destroy everyone so you don’t need to worry about 2012. He just moved in across the hall. We have this big incestuous music building filled with other artists like White Noise, Mystery Machine, Slicker Cities and the former Disco Montego. We’re constantly on our toes listening to the stuff they’re all producing.
Finally, a word to your delightful fans… Thank you everybody so much for supporting our music. We could never have expected for everything to go right so quickly. It means a lot to us to be able to do what we love for a living. We hope we can continue to make more great music for everybody to enjoy but more than anything we hope you’ll stand by us long enough to help Flight Facilities reach its full potential. Thanks again because without all the support, we’d still be a pizza boy and a surfer with a bedroom project.
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